Wind power cable seals

UK based Roxtec targets power and wind-farm sectors with innovative new cable seal.

Roxtec has extended its range of cable seals with an innovative new seal specifically for underground power cables serving structures including electricity substations and wind turbines. The new Roxtec UG sealing system is ideal for power cables entering foundations or basements because it protects against flooding, humidity and continuous water pressure.

The UG seal is IP68-rated, 1 bar for catastrophic water pressure and 0.3 bar for constant water pressure. It can be used on trefoil single core cables. The system has been tested in Roxtec’s specialist test laboratory with retention tests of 1400N and 3300N depending on the product selected, meaning the system can handle the weight of many cables which is often the cause of failure in traditional sealants.

A knock-out sleeve is available and designed to be cast into the foundation structure. It is available in three different industry-standard sizes and designed to fit Roxtec seals and frames. A knock-out plate in the sleeve ensures a water-tight seal before cables are routed, meaning there is no water ingress during construction.

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Conveyor belt cleaner

A new conveyor belt cleaner has been engineered to contain a smaller total volume of urethane, while maximizing the usable area, produced in a streamlined process that allows the manufacturer to reduce the purchase price and overall cost of ownership. Manufactured with Martin Engineering’s unique CARP (Constant Angle Radial Pressure) technology to maintain the most efficient cleaning angle throughout its service life, the Martin QB1 Cleaner HD features a no-tool replacement process that can be performed safely by one person in less than five minutes.

CARP technology is exclusive to Martin Engineering, designed to keep the blade at a consistent angle and pressure against the belt. Typically set at about 2 PSI (13.8 kPa) for the QB1 HD, the low blade-to-belt pressure helps protect the belt, splice and cleaner itself. As the blade wears, neither the surface area nor the angle is compromised, ensuring maximum performance throughout its life.

Martin Engineering
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Corrosion inhibitor

CorrBlock is a time-release, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor block for water treatment industries. It is designed for open loop recirculating cooling systems and waste water systems.

The block is formulated using renewable soybean-based wax and proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology. The inhibitors in CorrBlock provide multimetal protection and are excellent replacement for chromates, nitrites, and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. The VpCIs form a strong monomolecular layer on metal surfaces that protect in all three phases – liquid, vapor, and the vapor-liquid interface. CorrBlock eliminates the need for dosing pumps and tanks for conventional liquid inhibitors as well as protects tools, workpiece, and metalworking machines during downtime.

Cortec Corporation
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Diode technologies reduce solar inverter size

Cree Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) has demonstrated that its best-in-class SiC MOSFET and diode technologies enable previously unattainable levels of power density in string solar inverter products, yielding efficiencies greater than 99.1 percent at peak at one-fifth the average size and weight of today’s silicon-based inverter units.

Using the latest Cree power MOSFETs and diodes, Cree’s systems engineering team designed a proof-of-concept 50kW string solar inverter that exhibits a remarkable 50 percent reduction in power loss and operates at three to five times the switching frequency that conventional silicon technology can currently achieve. The combination of these two factors drastically reduces both the size and weight of the inverter’s cooling system, as well as its filtering components, which translates into a unit-cost reduction approaching 15 percent.

Cree Inc.
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Data integration software

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. released the Cogent DataHub, a secure real-time data access and integration software for networked industrial systems. Version 7.3.6 offers a new Modbus feature that allows the DataHub to connect to any Modbus slave over Modbus TCP.

Fully integrating Modbus into the Cogent DataHub means that data from any device on a Modbus TCP network can be viewed on the web, logged to a database, connected to an Excel spreadsheet, or made available to virtually any location across the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Secure Cloud Service from Cogent’s parent company, Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc.

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.
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Gateway modules

WAGO Corp.’s new 750-658 I/O module easily links CAN field devices to the 750 Series WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. The CAN Gateway module can be used with 750 Series PLCs or couplers, providing a gateway between a CAN network and other fieldbuses, (e.g., Ethernet or Profibus) leveraging the flexibility of the fieldbus independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.

The 750-658 supports CAN Layer 2, making it extremely flexible at the field level. The module can be integrated into a CANopen, SAE-J1939 or DeviceNet network by using CoDeSys function blocks.

The CAN I/O module offers users flexibility by providing the option for operation in one of three modes: sniffer mode, transparent mode or mapped mode. With GL marine and UL508 certifications, the 750-658 is suitable for an expansive number of possible applications, such as shipboard engine monitoring or connection to CANopen devices in a wind turbine.

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Digital genset controller

Basler Electric announces the newly enhanced DGC-2020HD Digital Genset Controller, a complete all-in-one genset controller and load share system with new features to make complex paralleled genset systems easy to control and maintain.

The new features include system segmentation, load shedding, peak shaving and import/export control, the addition of a maintenance mode and email notification.

Typical applications for these controllers are locations where maintaining power is critical, like data storage centers. The DGC-2020HD can also be applied in complexes and factories, where losing power and shutting down the business’s primary processes could cause loss of revenue or substantial damage.

Basler Electric
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Industrial and adaptable PC

Daisy Data Displays Inc. unveiled its highly adaptable PC designed to operate reliably in hazardous locations such as in fracking, drilling and refineries.

The new Series 4120 features either a 19-inch display (1280 x 1024 resolution) or 15-inch display (1024 x 768 resolution). The new Series 4120 is smaller, lighter, faster, fanless and provides end users with improved on-screen resolution and visibility, thus allowing the user to make full use of the software.

The lightweight, carbon fiber enclosed units are less than 19 pounds for increased ease of use and feature a resistant touch screen (glass on glass) or optional multi-touch Projected – Capacitive (P-Cap). WiFi antenna is also optional.

The COM e module is available with either Quad Core Atom or i7 processor and Solid State HD, up to 256GB. The new 4120 features up to 16GB of memory (4GB is standard), 4 USB ports, two network ports, keyboard and pointing device PS/2 ports. It is designed to operate reliably in temperatures from -40 to 65 C.

Daisy Data Displays Inc.
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Suspended platform

Power Climber, a division of SafeWorks LLC, has launched PowerMod – the versatile, flexible, and cost-effective modular knockdown suspended platform that provides safe, secure and stable access for a variety of projects performed at height.

With a 2,000-lb load capacity and a variety of possible configurations, PowerMod fits into hard-to-reach working spaces for various construction, maintenance, restoration, painting and inspection applications. Built-in toeboards, adjustable guardrails, one step self-locking pins, and a lightweight frame make the PowerMod easy to transport and assemble. Compact parts reduce inventory costs, and aluminum extrusion components extend the product’s life by resisting corrosion caused by harsh environments.

Power Climber
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Power supplies

WAGO expands its growing portfolio of power supplies with three new three-phase variants (787-738, 787-740,787-742.) These new additions offer a wide input range of 325V to 800V and an output range of 22VDC to 28VDC, in a compact robust metal housing for quick and easy DIN-rail mounting.

The new three-phase ECO power supplies can also be connected in parallel for added flexibility and customization.

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Pressure transmitter

The SITRANS LH100 series pressure transmitter converts level-proportional hydrostatic pressure into a standardized 4 to 20 mA signal.

Measuring just 23.4 mm in diameter, the sensor can be mounted in pipes with a 1 inch diameter, making it flexible for use in a wide range of applications. With mechanical protection IP 68, a submersible piezo-resistive sensor with ceramic diaphragm is designed for harsh environments. The sensor is available with cable lengths ranging from three to a maximum of fifty meters in length. The Sitrans LH100 is also fitted with an integrated humidity filter, permitting simple installation without the need for a junction box.

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Power resistors

Stackpole announces the expansion of the TR Series of TO-220 and TO-247 style power resistors. The TR Series value range now starts at 50 milliohms and goes up to 20K ohms for most sizes (the TR30 value range extends up to 100K ohms). The TR Series is available in 0.5 percent tolerances and TCR as low as 50 ppm making it suitable for precision power resistor requirements. Power ratings for the TR series, assuming use with a heat sink and a 25C case temperature, ranges from 20W up to 100W.

The TR Series is ideal for use with power semiconductors. Using a heat sink allows these relatively small parts to handle high power safely, reliably, and with minimal resistance shift over the life of the product.

Pricing for the TR Series ranges from $1.50 each to $6.00 each in full package quantities.

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Resistant coating solution

Cortec Corp. introduced VpCI-386 HT Black – a high heat resistant water-based acrylic silicone primer/topcoat that provides protection in harsh, outdoor unsheltered applications.

The protective coating significantly delays the reaction of metal ionization and water permeation, which protects against corrosive electrolyte and aggressive environments, thus preventing corrosion. VpCI-386 HT Black provides a fast-drying thixotropic coating that is resistant to sagging or running. This unique coating offers extended protection for sheltered, unsheltered, outdoor, or indoor conditions. Thermally stable when dried from -150°F to 500°F (-78° to 260°C), the coating is ultraviolet resistant and gives optimal outdoor performance without cracking or chipping upon prolonged exposure to sunlight.

VpCI-386 HT Black is available in 5 gallon (19 liter), 55 gallon (208 liter), liquid totes, and bulk. Keep product from freezing. Avoid temperatures higher than 75°F (24°C) while in storage.

Cortec Corporation
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Customized vanes, rotors and end plates

Metallized Carbon Corp. announces the availability of custom vanes, rotors, and end plates for use in rotary vane pumps pumping both liquids and gases. The carbon-graphite components provide superior lubrication in most environments, and are ideal for pumping liquids with poor lubricating qualities, strong chemicals that attack metals, and to pump air, vacuum, combustion products and gasoline vapors.

Metallized Carbon supplies the carbon-graphite vanes, rotor, and end plates to rotary pump and compressor manufacture and rebuilders. The materials are chemically resistant and have a low wear rate running in both gas atmospheres and low viscosity liquids.

Carbon graphite vanes can withstand the rubbing of the vane tip against the housing bore and the rubbing of the side of the vane against the slots in the rotor. Lightweight carbon graphite rotors save energy and withstand the rubbing against the vane and the end plates. Carbon graphite end plates are pressure tight and dimensionally stable so that they can make a close clearance seal with the rotor and vanes. They also withstand the rubbing of both the vanes and rotor.

Metallized Carbon Corp.
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Siemens safety relays

The Sirius 3SK2 safety relay from Siemens offers multiple safety functions in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to the user-friendly drag & drop parameterization interface, it is simple to create safety functions that can be optionally expanded to include test and diagnostics functions.

Sirius 3SK2 safety relays come in two different variants – the 22.5-millimeter-wide device, which comes with up to four safety functions, is slimmer than any other software-parameterizable safety relay currently available on the market, while the 45-millimeter-wide device, which offers up to six safety functions, comes equipped with a diagnostics display. The functions of the 3SK2 fail-safe outputs can be assigned independently of each other.

Typical applications for Sirius 3SK2 devices include emergency stop push buttons, protective doors with tumblers, or material feeder systems with light barrier sensor technology. The fail-safe outputs can be supplemented in a modular fashion as required – even without additional wiring. Just like devices in the Sirius 3SK1 series, Sirius 3SK2 units are simple to combine with conventional industrial controls, for example, devices from the Sirius 3Rm1 motor starter range can be simply integrated using device connectors.

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Safety system transmitter

United Electric Controls has introduced the One Series Safety Transmitter, the first SIL 2-certified transmitter designed solely for safety system applications.

The One Series transmitter provides 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive “I Am Working” diagnostics. A unique, high-speed safety relay output is incorporated for local alarm or emergency shutdown. Discrete outputs deliver diagnostics and relay status voting logic input to the safety PLC to determine appropriate action. The transmitter is certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems, and is capable of SIL 3 per IEC 61508. It has configurable self-diagnostics and achieves a safe failure fraction of 98.5 percent. Instrument response time is <100 milliseconds.

United Electric Controls
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Pressure transmitters

Schneider Electric introduced the Foxboro Field Devices’ pressure transmitter “S” series models IDP10S, IGP10S and IAP10S. These intelligent, two-wire pressure transmitters feature patented FoxCal technology.

The Foxboro S series models IDP10S, IGP10S and IAP10S transmit a 4 to 20 mA signal with a superimposed HART® smart instrumentation digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

All the Foxboro S series two-wire pressure transmitters feature two “time-in-service” clocks. Foxboro’s S series boosts accuracy while enabling customers to track time-in-service flawlessly. The time-in-service feature enables advanced diagnostics monitoring. In addition, the user days value can be reset to zero using a HART communicator, a PC-based configurator, or the optional local indicator. (Note: The lifetime service parameter cannot be reset.)

Schneider Electric
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Semiconductor materials

Morgan Advanced Materials announces advances in their range of materials grown using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes. Morgan’s CVD Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) materials are ideal for use in semiconductor applications, including rapid thermal processing and plasma etch process chamber components, as well as metalorganic CVD tools for high-brightness white LED manufacturing using the indium gallium nitride process.

Morgan’s improved CVD SiC growth capability enables the manufacture of 300+ millimeter diameter components with thicknesses of more than 10mm at production volumes for recently developed plasma etch applications. With access to world class ultrasonic machining capability, Morgan offers high tolerance CNC machining and precision hard grinding, as well as the patented Rmax process for producing focus CVD SiC ring shapes.

Morgan’s high purity (99.999 percent+) SiC material has high thermal conductivity, is resistant to chemical erosion, and features minimal particulate generation, making it ideal for use in chlorine and fluorine plasma etch processes. The material is ideally suited for use in producing GDMs (gas distribution plates) where the material’s erosion resistance can lead to long life and extended tool PM schedules. Ultrasonic drilling can provide holes with diameters as small as 0.5mm, ideal for custom etch applications.

Morgan Advanced Materials
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Slurry knife gate valves

DeZurik’s new KSL Slurry Knife Gate Valves are designed for on-off (isolation) service for applications consisting of abrasive, high solids content, wet or dry media.

The KSL-LA Slurry Valve features sleeves of natural rubber or other elastomers that are compressed by sleeve retainers. The sleeves have an encapsulated supporting ring for long service life, and the valve’s sleeve compression design eliminates the cavity where solids can collect.

The sleeve design of the KSL Slurry Valve provides bi-directional, drip tight shutoff up the valve¹s 100 psi (690 kPa) pressure rating. The valve has a full port, which reduces turbulence and pressure drop across the valve. In addition, the gate fully retracts out of the flow path in the open position.

The KSL Slurry Valve is available in sizes 2-24² (50-600mm) with larger sizes and higher pressure ratings available on application.

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Compact solid state relay

Carlo Gavazzi launched their new RF1 Series Compact Solid State Relay. The RF1 Series provides compact solid state switching suited for applications with confined space. The RF1 Series is ideally suited for applications where trouble free operation is required for a large number of cycles and where space is limited. The RF1 Series occupies only 30 percent of the panel space typically required for a typical panel mounted (hockey puck) solid state relays, it’s merely 36 x 21 x 24mm.

The RF1 Series is designed for control of resistive loads. The zero switching type (RF1A), switches ON when the voltage crosses the AC sine wave’s zero crossover point. The instant-ON type (RF1B), switches on at the instant when control voltage is applied. Integrated transils provide protection against over-voltage. A green LED indicates the presence of control voltage. Fast-on terminals for the input and output voltage enable fast and secure installation.

Carlo Gavazzi RS: 418


Wrist, elbow and knee supports and wraps

Ergodyne refreshed and enhanced their ProFlex Supports Line. The updates are coming to ProFlex Wrist Supports, ProFlex Wrist Wraps, ProFlex Knee Sleeves, as well as ProFlex Elbow Support and Sleeves and will complete the full line overhaul that was kicked off by Back Supports in 2013.

A number of changes to the models were made, including: new material colors, improved fabrics, new logo treatments, lower profile buckles (on the 4020 Wrist Support and 650 Knee Sleeve), larger thumb loops (on the 4020 Wrist Support), new binding and pre-curve design (on all sleeves), improved fabrics, pull tabs for easy on/off (on all straps), and more… All in an effort to improve the performance, comfort, breathability, shape, and design.

The supports are ideal for workers with minor sprains, strains, or exposure to repetitive motion on the job.

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Tachometer generator

Marsh Bellofram Corp. announced the global market introduction of its WESTCON 758-9910001 industrial AC tachometer generator.

These highly rugged, explosion-proof devices can effectively support the demanding predictive maintenance requirements of oil and gas drilling, industrial mud pumps, and waste and wastewater pumps and systems, with complete and efficient 24/7 rotational speed monitoring. The tachometer is especially beneficial for rotary table RPM and mud pump SPM, two of the primary parameters for achieving maximum drilling efficiencies.

WESTCON 758-9910001 AC tachometer generators are designed to convert rotational shaft speed inputs into a linear analog voltage output, even in the harshest of environments. The tachometers feature a standard 3 4² drive shaft, with only a 3 oz-in starting torque. Their components are housed within a explosion-proof case that is ATEX certified for Class 1, Division 1, Class 1, Group D and Class 2, Groups F and G. Series units are also UL listed. In addition, their rugged, bearing-free and brush-free design requires absolutely no maintenance for increased reliability and minimal downtime.

Marsh Bellofram Corp.
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Input temperature detectors

New additions to the WAGO I/O system expands the functionality of the 750 series. 750-450 4-Channel and 750-451 8-channel RTD Analog Input Modules directly connect to Pt and Ni resistance sensors, providing highly accurate reading of sensor data.

Benefits of the modules include configurable for multiple sensor types or potentiometers, red status LED that indicates sensor errors, such as short circuit, wire break, or out of measurement range, and a compact 12mm profile saving cabinet space.

The 750-450/451 is ideal for a wide range of temperature data collection tasks in factory automation, motor and process control applications.

Info RS#: 421


Temporary power connector

Cliff Electronics announces its Quicktest QT3, a compact, robust 3-Phase power connector designed for temporary, safe and efficient connection of unterminated cables to 440VAC, 3-Phase power supplies. The QT3 has a maximum power rating of 16 amps per phase.

The Cliff QT3 is designed for use in applications including manufacturing, test and repair, calibration, measurement and burn-in where fast, safe and non-permanent connection to 3-Phase power supply is required.

The colour-coded piano key cable clamps are also marked L1, L2, L3, N and E to prevent any confusion. Each phase is protected by an individual 16 amp fuse as standard and each phase is fitted with an individual neon indicator lamp to indicate when the phase is live and connected to the supply.

Cliff’s Quicktest QT3 is designed for use either free standing or mounted to a bench or test fixture and it measures a very compact 49mm x 100mm x 160mm.

Cliff Electronics
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Power transistor switches

VisIC Technologies, a developer of Gallium Nitride (GaN) power semiconductors announced the world’s lowest-resistance, fast GaN transistor in their power conversion switch.

VisIC’s 650V, 50A GaN transistor achieves a remarkable 12mohm Rdson. Based on a new design for GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs), VisIC’s products accelerate the semiconductor industry’s push to extend GaN-based technology from communications subsystems into power conversion subsystems. Meeting the highly demanding requirements of power switching with GaN has been the Holy Grail for power conversion research in the last decade.

VisIC Technologies
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Turbine linear actuator

The Voith SelCon was primarily designed as a linear actuator with safety function for the valve controls of gas and steam turbines.

The hydraulics provides high force density and dynamics, the electromechanical side contributes simple, cost-effective system integration. Large effective forces up to 500 kN and ATEX certification allow it to be used on turbines under virtually all conceivable ambient conditions.

The hydraulic system of the SelCon is self-contained. An external hydraulic power pack with oil tank, control block and pipework is completely unnecessary. This reduces procurement costs by up to 35 percent compared to a conventional solution. External hydraulic disturbances such as pressure fluctuations, mismatched pipe diameters or negative pressure in the tank line are out of the question.

The fail-safe function is implemented using an internal return spring. The trip time for the valve controls is typically less than 300 ms. This reduces the danger of direct and consequential damage considerably.

Voith Turbo
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Worker safety products

The new personal protective equipment products introduced today by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) at ASSE Safety 2014 represent a ³fervent dedication to innovation² in worker safety by the world¹s largest provider of PPE, said Sach Sankpal, president, Honeywell Safety Products.

New online tools from Miller Fall Protection that make it easier for engineers and architects to design, specify, and select fall protection systems for different projects. The new interactive tools include engineering specifications and Computer Aided Drawings (CAD), system comparison charts, a fall clearance calculator, a ShockFusion kit selection guide, and “Ask the Expert” and additional resources.

Uvex Instinct: High-performance protection with a sleek design and a variety of adjustability features for a customized fit. Uvex Instinct provides high-performance protection with a sleek design and lightweight frame, featuring a variety of adjustability features for a comfortable, customized fit. The soft, flexible fingers on the nosepiece help to minimize slippage, while the slim, curved temples provide a secure fit with minimal tension around the ears.

Uvex Tirade: Sealed Eyewear features closed cell foam, removable temples and adjustable headband for a comfortable, gap-free fit. Uvex Tirade sealed eyewear protects workers in high particulate environments where dust, dirt and debris present the risk of eye injury. The large unilens design provides a wide field of unobstructed peripheral vision, with a soft foam subframe to ensure a comfortable gap-free fit.

Honeywell Solutions
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