Micro inverters

Enecsys Limited introduced new 480 W and 360 W Enecsys Duo micro inverters products and solar photovoltaic (PV) monitoring systems. The inverter supports independent power point tracking of two photovoltaic modules when converting the DC output of the PV modules to AC power.

The micro inverters are expected to have a service life of more than 25 years and have a built-in ZigBee wireless monitoring system.

Enecsys Limited
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OPC server

MatrikonOPC released an OPC server for Mitsubishi wind turbine controllers. This server enables the controllers to be integrated with other automation components such as HMIs, historians and ERP systems. By facilitating secure, open connectivity between the field and the enterprise, this OPC server plays a role in providing visibility into wind farm operations. In turn, this gives wind farm owners and operators access to data they need to operate more profitably.

The OPC server provides real-time communication to a variety of Mitsubishi wind turbine controllers, enabling users to get status updates from their wind farms anytime and anywhere. This level of visibility provides operators and business analysts the right data to make the right decision at the right time.

To learn more about the OPC server for Mitsubishi wind turbine controllers, please visit http://www.matrikonopc.com/opc-drivers/opc-mitsubishi-turbine/base-driver-details.aspx

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Portable hygrometer

Michell Instruments introduces a newer version of the portable hygrometer, the MDM300 I.S.

It is designed for applications in natural gas processing and for taking measurements at high pressures up to 350 bar. The MDM300 I.S. is made to offer fast and accurate moisture content measurements in the field and is self-contained.

Michell Instruments
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Electronic motor testing system

Sakor Technologies Inc. offers testing systems designed to meet the emerging testing requirements for electric motor efficiency and has released its DynoLab EM electric motor test system. Designed to meet EPAct, NEMA, ISO, IEEE (112 and 115) and other international standards, the test systems themselves are extremely power efficient. Utilizing Sakor’s AccuDyne line of AC motoring dynamometers and a unique regenerative method of electrical loading, these systems are highly efficient at recirculating absorbed power within the test system, resulting in a system that can test even the largest electric motors while drawing only minimal power from the electrical grid and generating almost no waste heat. These systems are equally efficient at testing alternators and generators, requiring only minimal electrical power and completely eliminating the need for diesel power plants and the inherent pollution and logistical problems they create in the test cell environment.

Sakor Technologies Inc.
Info. http://www.sakor.com
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High Power Density DC-DC Converter Modules

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. announces the Traco Power TEP 150WI series with input filter module. The filter module is now available on standard assembly together with the TEP 150WI DC-DC converter module.

The input filter module is designed to meet high EMC demands like conducted noise in accordance to EN55022 class B and increased burst and surge immunity without external components.

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. For
info. http://www.psui.com
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DC to frequency converters

JH Technology continues to expand its line of pulse/frequency products. The latest addition is a pair of DC to frequency converters. Also known as integrators, they often are used to totalize, or integrate, measurement signals such as flow and kilowatts.

Two new models have been announced, model JH7500 with output ranges to 10kHz, and model JH7501 with relay contact output for electromechanical counters. Both feature input-output isolation and AC or DC power options. Their wide range of input choices includes standard process signals such as 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA and 0-1mAdc, and others. The modules plug into standard relay sockets.

JH Technology For
info. http://www.jhtechnology.com
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Universal signal conditioner

Wago Corp.’s 857-402 Jumpflex universal signal conditioner (USC) supports 456 signal combinations with input voltage range and a self-resetting fuse. The 6mm USC signal clipping and freely scalable voltage input range – from ±60mV to ±200V. Current input range is ±0.3 mA to ±100mA.

The USC’s 456 signal combinations are DIP switch configurable via factory-calibrated, laser-capable resistors. The 857-402 replaces the traditional screw potentiometer with a vibration-proof momentary rocker-style switch (MRS). The MRS has no end/stop point for signal settings/adjustments and provides scalability across entire measurement range.

The 857-402 also features an auto-reset fuse that protects current input against overloads without impacting input value.

Wago Info. www.wago.us
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Wind turbine bolt tensioning simulator

Oilennium Ltd. has announced the release of its online wind turbine bolt tensioning simulator, offering a complete overview of the entire bolting process. The program includes a wide range of topics associated with site work, including method statements, working procedures, choosing the correct personal protection equipment, tool box talks, as well as the safe and correct use of hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment.

The program uses Hydratight’s stud tensioners which can be configured to provide up to 100 percent simultaneous tightening.

Oilennium Info. www.oilennium.co.uk RS# 407

• • •

Accelerometer for rail cars

Columbia Research Laboratories introduces the Model SA211411 for rail cars to take measurements during the braking process.

The SA211411 is a compact premium performance linear accelerometer designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -55 C to 100 C. The units are made to withstand shock of 250G, 5mS and have a vibration survival of 20G ms, 1-inch disp. (2 to 2,000 Hz).

Columbia Research Laboratories
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Compensated boom

Terex Utilities now offers a compensated boom option for its Hi-Ranger RMX Series non-overcenter material handling aerial devices, which includes the RMX65, RMX70 and RMX75 models.

Compensated booms allow for simultaneous operation of the upper and lower booms to get lineman into working position more quickly. Functions on the Terex RMX compensated boom models are performed by hydraulic cylinders, offering smooth operation and eliminating components such as compensating chains and walking links. On a compensated boom aerial device, the upper boom maintains the same angle to the ground as the lower boom if raised or lowered.

The RMX Series offers working heights from 70.0 ft (21.4 m) to 79.7 ft (24.4 m). These aerial devices are available in either end or side mount platform configurations for operators — up to 700-lb capacity for end mount, and up to 800-lb capacity for side mount units, and are designed with a pilot-operated, closed-center hydraulic system.

Info. http://www.terex.com RS# 409

• • •

Corrosion/Erosion Data-Logger

The newly redesigned Microcor Data-Logger MWT-3905-MDL (MDL) is the next generation in remote corrosion/erosion monitoring data-loggers, featuring an all-in-one design, lower cost and improved battery life. With its new extended five year battery life, the MDL now ensures years of uninterrupted operation. Battery replacement costs are reduced and unexpected data loss from power failure is avoided.

When unexpected corrosion problems arise, the MDL is a quick and cost effective solution. The MDL can be easily configured and installed with no power or communication wiring required. The self powered MDL has low start-up costs and virtually no maintenance costs. With no power and communication infrastructure required, the MDL is a low cost option for remote locations.

Rohrback Cosasco Systems
Info. http://www.cosasco.com
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Flowmeter computer

COX Flow Measurement, a division of Badger Meter Inc., has introduced the ExactComp EC80 Flow Computer that is designed to enhance the performance of frequency output flowmeters under varying fluid flow conditions.

The unit’s firmware conforms to the temperature compensation calculations of SAE ARP 4990. The EC80 is made to deliver improvements in processor speed, flow algorithms and hardware platform. It accepts both 4- and 10-ohm pick-offs and includes dual rotor frequency and RTD temperature sensor inputs for either single or dual rotor turbine flowmeters.

The EC80’s graphical interface software allows characterization of process signals, output signals and liquid properties.

Cox Flow Measurement
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Auto-darkening helmet

The Viking 3350 Series auto-darkening welding helmets are designed with LCD optics for viewing in varied ambient light settings.

The helmets are made for welding as well as gouging and grinding. An internal switch allows users to toggle shade control and internally mounted controls can be used to pre-test helmet and battery condition before welding.

Lincoln Electric
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Duratel poles

Duratel poles have been utilized by a major utility in the eastern U.S. to replace a leaning wood deadend pole in a major city. The Duratel pole replaced the old structure that was deteriorating and leaning over to one side. Down guy wires were not necessary and would have been impossible to utilize in this application.

In another situation, a mid-west utility was confronted with having to install an unsightly span-guy pole to eliminate down guy wires in the path of a new sidewalk. It was an expensive option and unpopular with the city and its nearby residents. Duratel’s 14-inch diameter pole was used instead and eliminated the need for anchors, guy wires and a span guy pole. The low-cost option was welcomed as a solution to another long-standing problem.

Info. http://duratelgreen.com/ RS# 413

• • •

Process control suite

Honeywell announced a vendor-neutral process control suite, which allows plant operators to centrally monitor and control both Honeywell and non-Honeywell process control systems within their plants. The process control suite lets operators and management break out of the information silos that can often occur with advanced process control (APC) systems. Suitable for all industrial applications, the Honeywell Process Solutionsí suite revolutionizes performance monitoring with its ability to span not only multiple APC technologies, but also multiple processing facilities, giving consistent performance benchmarking across the enterprise and ensuring proper corrective action is taken when and where necessary. HPS studies have shown the solution can increase service factor and application utilization by 25 percent while reducing troubleshooting time by up to 50 percent, allowing proactive maintenance practices to improve utilization and increase application service factors. The suite includes three software products: Honeywell Loop Scout, which gives control engineers the ability to identify and correct poorly performing control loops; Honeywell Profit Expert, delivering multivariable controller monitoring for Honeywellís Profit Controller; and Control Performance Monitor, an application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and remedies regulatory and APC asset issues throughout the plant. For more information about Process Solutions visit www.honeywellprocess.com.

Info. http://duratelgreen.com/ RS# 414

• • •

Emergency warning equipment

BEx offers explosion-proof horns, strobes, combination units and loudspeakers from E2S.

The equipment is made for use in both onshore and offshore gas and dust hazard areas in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

The horns have 32 alarm tone frequencies, three stages and outputs of 117 or 121dB(A) at 10 ft. The Appello offers user-recordable voice messaging combined with a choice of tones. The Xenon strobes are rated at 5, 10, 15 and 21 Joules, giving peak outputs of 35,000, 79,500, 94,750 and 110,800 candela. The combined horn-strobe units and double-ended strobes are available, as are multi-unit arrays with different combinations of sounders and strobes on a common mounting plate.

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Air-cooled chiller

Johnson Controls, Inc. has increased the capacity of its York model YVAA air-cooled, variable-speed, screw chiller to 350 tons.

On replacement projects, YVAA energy performance can exceed that of older chillers by as much as 50 percent, while performance on new projects can exceed other manufacturers’ chillers by up to 25 percent. The YVAA chiller offers flexible energy consumption: it can be configured to offer design efficiency up to 11.6 EER, and an integrated part load value (IPLV) up to 19.8 EER.

The YVAA chiller uses HFC-134a refrigerant, which has no phase-out date and an ozone-depletion potential of zero. Fewer joints and potential leak points keep the refrigerant inside the system, while a proprietary falling-film evaporator and advanced microchannel condenser coils reduce the refrigerant charge by as much as 15 percent. These sustainability advantages give building owners the opportunity to earn points in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green-building certification programs.

Johnson Controls Inc.
Info. http://www.johnsoncontrols.com
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• • •

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Paradox Engineering announces the introduction of PE.AMI –Advanced Metering Infrastructure, the complete solution for remote control, machine-to-machine (m2M), data monitoring and two-ways communications. Developed for the specific needs of utilities and multi-utilities, PE.AMI provides a unified communication platform to enable smart metering and smart grid infrastructures.

PE.AMI allows multi-utilities to manage advanced information from any type of meter (water, gas, electricity) and has a full range of applications from AMR and remote control of distribution networks, to street lighting, solid waste, traffic, public transportation and parking management.

PE.AMI is an out-of-the-box, self configuring and self healing solution composed by hardware, software and management system building a full bidirectional network to connect any sort of new or existing meter with the company’s business applications.

Paradox Engineering
Info. http://www.pdxeng.ch
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• • •

Quality management certification

Wichita Clutch received ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management at its facility in Wichita Falls, Texas. The audit was completed by British Standards Institute. Wichita UK, in Bedford, England, was previously certified in ISO 9001:2008 making all Wichita facilities fully compliant to ISO 9001:2008 standards. The Certificate of Registration states that it complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in global sales product support, manufacturing, and field service/support for brakes and clutches tailored to customer specifications in the renewable energy market, among others. For more information visit www.wichitaclutch.com.

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• • •

FluegasExact analyzer

The Servotough FluegasExact integrates Servomex’s unique Flowcube flow sensor technology to give users even more confidence in their combustion gas measurements.

Custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.

Able to measure oxygen on a wet basis, the FluegasExact’s zirconia technology requires no external sample conditioning system, while minimal calibration requirements and a long operational life of up to ten years ensure reduced maintenance costs. The FluegasExact’s thick film calorimeter technology monitors CO levels with high precision, giving sufficient sensitivity and speed of response to enable the combustion process to be continuously optimized for increased process safety and efficiency. Combined, the performance of both technologies improves flame stability, reduces NOx, SO3 and CO emissions and has been proven to save up to four percent of fuel costs per year.

Servomex Group Ltd.
Info. http://www.servomex.com
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• • •

Shock accelerometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the global launch of its Endevco model 72-60K piezoresistive shock accelerometer. As the newest member of its model 72 series, the sensor offers a 60,000 g measurement range, light gas damping and over-range shock survivability.

Design of the accelerometer features a patented, monolithic, four-active arm bridge circuit design incorporating the use of Meggitt’s own proprietary sensing element, all manufactured in-house. The element is housed within a low-profile, miniature, seam-sealed leadless chip carrier (LCC) package, weighing just 0.16 gram, for minimized mass loading effects and ease of SMT mounting.

Meggitt Sensing Systems Info. www.meggittsensingsystems.com RS # 420

• • •

Signal Isolator

The HIX HART signal isolator from Moore Industries received General Location and Class I, Division 2 (non-incendive) approvalsfrom CSA International in the United States and Canada. The 2-wire HIX provides superior loop isolation while allowing the HART signal to “pass through” uninterrupted. It provides economical solutions to three common and costly problems that plague many of today’s smart HART loops. The HIX protects I/O cards from surges and spikes, provides area isolation to allowloops to continue working during system maintenance downtime and provides asafe method of sharing a HART signal. The cCSAus certification allows the HIX to be used in hazardous conditions where flammable gas or vapors are present in the atmosphere, such as petroleum refineries. The approval covers Groups A, B, C and D and temperature code T4A at an ambient temperature of -20 to 70 C. For more information visit http://www.miinet.com/products/sg_hart.shtml.

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• • •

Lubrication oil meter

The InfraCal Soot Meter now gives users an approved ASTM testing method for measuring the percent level of soot in diesel engine lubricating oil.

The soot meter is made to give rapid, on-site measurement of soot concentration levels in diesel engine oils at levels as high as 12 to 15 percent in less than 30 seconds. The push-button analyzer is designed to give direct readouts of soot in diesel engine lubricating oils without sample preparation, dilution or solvents.

Wilks Enterprises
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• • •


Servo-Tek Products, Inc. introduced its D-Series, an industrial tachometer generator family, designed to offer high-reliability support for a variety of instrument-grade velocity sensing applications where high-output voltages (45 VDC / 1000 RPM) are required, such as precision integrators and velocity servo systems.

Servo-Tek tachometers are designed to provide a convenient and economical means of converting rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and feedback control. The D-series features a low-rippled output, for which the ripple RMS value will not exceed less than 3 percent of the DC value at any speeds in excess of 40 RPM on standard units. The design and construction of the D-series features commutators manufactured from an alloy containing at least 90 percent silver; armature laminations, which are wound with ISOMID insulated wire over Teflon slot insulation; and a fully baked armature, resulting in a NEMA Class H insulation system rating, for performance to an internal operating temperature of +356°F (+180°C). In addition, the units feature Mil-C-5541and Mil-A-8625 chemical film coatings for maximum corrosion protection, facilitating their use within harsh industrial environments.

Servo-Tek Products
Info. http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 423

• • •

Infrared temperature sensor

Raytek has enhanced its MI3 Series infrared temperature measurement sensors with new integrated network communication options. The sensors are now compatible with the Modbus and Profibus network protocols, allowing them to be used in a wider range of applications requiring digital communication for field devices.

The sensors can help reduce energy costs by allowing tighter process control and more efficient process heating. The sensors are also designed to deliver industry-leading performance and flexibility at a low installed cost per measurement point, combining an IP65 stainless steel sensing head with a separate communication module.

Info. http://cts.vresp.com/c/?Industrysource/caa190a057/d94179ff0e/9ed4a34cdd RS # 424

• • •

Disconnect and fuse terminal blocks

Wago Corp.’s 2006 series disconnect and fuse terminal blocks is made for industrial applications requiring disconnection, isolation and fuse protection of analog signals.

The 2006 Series is designed with push-in termination for ferruled or solid conductors, including Wago-exclusive pivoting disconnect and blade-style fuse models. To terminate stranded conductors, insert a screwdriver to open clamping unit, insert conductor and remove screwdriver. A blown fuse indicator is optional on all fuse terminal blocks.

Wago Corporation
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 425

• • •

Tier 4i generators

Multiquip says it line of WhisperWatt 150 to 400 generators will have advanced Tier 4i engines with selected model availabilities beginning in September 2011.

The portable power generators are made to be fueled by advanced diesel engines that meet the more stringent 2011 Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4i standards while providing performance and reliability.

Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 426

• • •

Transfer control switch

Russelectric RTS series 30-cycle-rated and 3-cycle-rated automatic transfer switches are now equipped with a new RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system. The new system allows setup, alarm acknowledgement and data review through the controller’s keys and color display.

Real-time metering of voltage and frequency of both normal and emergency power sources is standard. Available options include metering of phase and neutral current, percent of unbalanced current, percent of unbalanced voltage, accumulated energy, and per-phase and three-phase totals for real power , apparent power , reactive power and power factor.

Info. http://www.russelectric.com RS# 427

• • •

Press System for Off-the-Shelf Schedule 10S Stainless Steel Pipe

Victaulic introduces Vic-Press, a flame-free press system that joins pipe in a matter of seconds. Vic-Press is an industrial-grade solution for quickly and reliably joining small-diameter piping systems. Vic-Press offers increased strength and durability and improved flow characteristics compared to light-wall tube systems; safer, more efficient pipe assembly than welding, threading and flanging; and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Vic-Press is used with standard Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe, which offers increased strength and durability and eliminates the need to stock specialty pipe. The pipe-wall thickness of ANSI Schedule 10S pipe is up to double that of light-wall tube, and as a result, Vic-Press offers a superior life cycle, up to three times the end-load performance, up to twice the bend-load performance, up to a 52 percent increase in available flow and up to a 23 percent reduction in pressure drop per 100 linear feet (30 meters) of pipe over tube-sized systems.

With pressure tolerances up to 500 psi (3450 kPa), Vic-Press exceeds ANSI class 150 standards. Vic-Press meets ASME B31.1, 31.3 and 31.9 support requirements. The system is also ANSI/NSF 61 certified for potable water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius).

Victaulic For more information, please visit www.vic-press.com.
Info. http://www.russelectric.com RS# 428

• • •

Web-based emergency resource management

Specifically designed for electric utilities, Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand is one of the only commercially available storm center automation solutions available to the marketplace. The Resources on-Demand tool manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports lodging/logistics during a power restoration event. It is used extensively by both large and small utilities throughout North America and the result has been quicker restoration, cost savings and a streamlined approach to outage management.

The 4.0 version leaps beyond earlier versions by utilizing the enhanced Resources and Logistics Engine providing the ability to set up teams, sites, work locations, vendors, order placement, order tracking, team transportation, meals and lodging down to individual team members. The advance logistics module enables utilities executives to know which teams are assigned to which operation centers, where they are working, sleeping, eating, and what equipment they are using in a particular restoration event. Advanced dashboards provide high-level views on teams, lodging and logistics and enhanced reporting allow summaries to be printed and used in Control Centers.

Macrosoft Inc. For
info http://www.resources-ondemand.com
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• • •

Turbo X-Treme aerator

A powerful new aerator, designed to provide maximum aeration while using only a fraction of the energy required by other models, has been introduced by Airmaster Aerator.

The patented new aerator — the Turbo X-Treme — is a high-efficiency, floating/surface aerator that is powered by an energy-saving 25 h.p. motor. It incorporates a “turbo” blower to achieve high-capacity water movement with maximum aeration and mixing incorporated in a discharge manifold. Due to its efficient design and operation, the Turbo X-Treme has replaced aerators requiring up to three times the horsepower, resulting in substantial energy savings.

In operation, the new aerator raises the dissolved oxygen level in the water (in ponds, lagoons, etc.) while providing high-capacity water movement and is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Airmaster Aerator
Info. http://www.airmasteraerator.com
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• • •

Low-emission natural gas reciprocating generator

Aggreko has introduced a new 1300 kW natural gas model generator into its fleet, adding a new option for companies needing quick and effective short-term power generation. This model features the new Cummins QSK60 gas engine. It joins Aggreko’s fleet of low-emission natural gas reciprocating generators, which ranges from 65 kW to 1300 kW.

The new Aggreko 1300 kW model includes some of the most advanced environmental technologies available, including noise reduction for extremely quiet operation, smokeless output and a save-all containment base that reduces the risk of fluid leakage. The units are EPA-compliant, delivering proven and time-tested “Lean-burn” gas technology, and meeting the most demanding federal and state emissions guidelines in the U.S. The new V-16 (16-cylinder) gas engine has turbo-charging and low temperature after-cooling, ensuring efficient performance. Units can also be scaled up or down, allowing capacity to change with demand.

The modular design, standardized in 20ft ISO containers, allows for easy transportation and flexible installation. Aggreko’s packaged control technology allows units to be set up in parallel in a matter of minutes, and the on-board synchronizing gear allows the generator to be automatically integrated into the grid, minimizing disruptions and fluctuations in power.

Info. http://www.aggreko.com/northamerica
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• • •

Automatic Transfer Switches

Triton Power has announced it has expanded its product lineup and now carries premium Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) that range from 125 Amps to 400 Amps for single-phase and three-phase applications.

Triton Power’s new ATS products are highly dependable and designed for outdoor use with weather-resistant enclosure. The ATS products are in stock and available for immediate shipment to anywhere in North and South America as well as Caribbean countries. Triton Power’s new line of ATS products are perfect for channel partners, electrical contractors and equipment rental companies selling to any organization or business that requires protection against loss of power from occurrences such as power outages, brownouts, blackouts, weather events, power overloads, distressed or unstable power grids or natural disasters.

Features of the switches include trouble-free modular design, easy service and maintenance and ATS-01 PLC controller with voltage, phase monitoring, 168HR exerciser and protections

Triton Power
Info. http://www.gopower.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 431

• • •

Vibration Meter

The Balmac Model 235 Vibration Meter gives users the means to quickly and easily do rotating machinery vibration measurements. The user simply selects the vibration measurement unit by pressing the Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement button. The automatic ranging capability scales the meter for the most accurate measurement. Pressing the button again will hold the measurement for the user.

The Model 235 Meter includes the standard 100 mV/g Vibration Pickup,

Pickup Cable, Magnetic Pickup Base and Extension Probe. Using this instrument package, mechanical maintenance personnel can troubleshoot rotating machinery problems such as defective bearings, looseness, misalignment, bent shafts, structural resonance and rotor unbalance.

Balmac Inc.
Info. http://www.balmacinc.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 432

• • •

Bi-Fuel Generator

The Bi-Fuel generator from Generac Power Systems combines diesel fuel with natural gas in a compression ignition engine to provide redundancy and extended run time capabilities.

Generac’s proven bi-fuel technology is now available in a larger kW configuration, providing 600 to 9,000 kW of power. The bi-fuel generator starts on diesel fuel and adds natural gas as load is applied. Typically, the generator operates on 30 percent diesel gas and 70 percent natural gas. Because of the reduced consumption of diesel fuel by the engine, run times per tank of fuel are significantly extended.

A 20-inch tank of diesel fuel (469 gallons) provides 10 hours of run time, whereas a bi-fuel engine running off the same 20-inch tank extends the run time to 33 hours by supplementing with natural gas.

In addition, the Bi-Fuel generator engine provides built-in redundancy. If the natural gas supply is interrupted for any reason, such as a gas line block, the engine controls will automatically direct the unit back to 100 percent diesel without power interruption

Info. http://www.Generac.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 433

• • •

Birns Floodlight

Birns, Inc. recently introduced innovative enhancements to the popular Birns Kelvin. This powerful 16,000 lumen tungsten halogen light is seismically qualified per IEEE-344, and thousands of units are trusted in nuclear power plants worldwide. The new design, model 5813, has been engineered to include innovative features such as rugged stainless steel mesh coverings and a Lexan polycarbonate protector with specially designed Lexan plugs for the finger holes, to enhance safety in a variety of high performance nuclear illumination applications.

The new design allows easy hand gripping when removing the lamp’s protective cover, while maintaining a complete seal over the light’s surface.

The Birns Kelvin is 29cm (11.38″) wide, 24cm (9.44″) long and 34.4cm (13.55″) high, features a 120v/1,000w lamp with instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability, and is specifically designed for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination. It’s ideal for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals, and is extensively used in reactor cavity illumination during fuel movement or other large-scale activities. It includes a powerful underwater subsea-grade connector system designed for depths up to 6km.

The versatile 3200K ‘white light’ system relamps without tools in just 60 seconds, yet is easily decontaminated, and comes with a choice of wide, medium or narrow beam lamps.

Birns, Inc.
Info http://www.birns.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 434

• • •

Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems

Governor Control Systems has added KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement (FCM) systems to their line of industry-leading products. KRAL brings marine and power plant customers’ real-time fuel consumption data to optimize engine speed and fuel usage. Positive displacement meters, KRAL flowmeters provide precise measurement in harsh operating conditions over a wide range of engine loads and speeds.

With the addition of highly accurate and robust KRAL Volumeters to the engine monitoring system, GCS offers customers real-time, extremely accurate (+/- .12%) fuel consumption measurement.

Using two KRAL volumeters, GCS measures and transmits the supply and return flow of the fuel to an electronic unit to yield real time fuel consumption measured to within +/-0.12 percent accuracy, regardless of environment or fuel oil viscosity, HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces) collect measured values for up to 16 engines, displaying all data on a central display.

GCS offers KRAL FCM systems in flow ranges from 0.03 to 2,000 gpm, applicable to engine sizes from 300kW and above. KRALFCM systems are suitable for Heavy Fuel Oil and Marine Diesel Oil.

Governor Control Systems
Info. http://www.govconsys.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 435

• • •

Mag Flow Meter

McCrometer’s FPI Mag Flow Meter is the industry’s only hot tap, full-profile insertion meter. Its unique operating principle relies on multiple electrodes placed across the entire pipe diameter. This design allows the FPI Mag to deliver accuracy unmatched by other insertion mag meters and rivals the performance of full-bore mag meters.

Chilled water is needed for cooling campus buildings. The FPI Mag is ideal for large-scale chilled water institutional applications. It can be installed without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges and without heavy equipment or extensive manpower.

The FPI Mag is the industry’s most economical flow metering solution for large pipe sizes, reducing installed costs by more than 45 percent. The FPI Mag is available for line sizes from 4 to 138 inches. With highly stable measurement, the FPI Mag features accuracy of ±1% of reading from +0.3 to +20 ft/s. The flow sensor comes pre-calibrated from McCrometer’s NIST traceable Calibration Lab and requires no recalibration in the field.

Info. http://www.mccrometer.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 436

• • •

High-Flow Gas Regulators for Pipeline Monitoring

The BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corp. has introduced the Type P627, a high-performance, spring loaded, direct operating high-flow gas regulator, designed to control both low- and high-output pressure in oil and gas applications.

Designed for maximum durability, Marsh Bellofram BelGAS Type P627 regulators are compact and offered in multi-position body and spring case configurations, with choice of aluminum, steel or LCC body, bonnet and diaphragm casings and with a durable powder-coated epoxy exterior finish. Units offer installation versatility, ease of operation and set pressures, as well as a wide range of available flow capacities and spring ranges. Regulators are also available in an external pressure registration model (P627M) and with optional National Standard of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) compliant construction. These highly rugged features make the Type P627 also ideal for use in other types of industrial monitoring applications, such as farm tap gas regulation; city gas gate regulation; fuel gas, industrial plant air and gas regulation; gas gathering; and system pressure reduction.

Marsh Bellofram Corp.
Info. http://www.marshbellofram.com
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Aerial Device

Terex Utilities has introduced new overcenter material handling models to its aerial device equipment lineup. These models feature Terex lower boom cylinder designs for low travel height and the Terex-patented Tri-Link elbow design for easy maintenance.

All models have a gross vehicle weight rating of 31,000 lb. The SCM48 model features a 48.0-ft bottom of platform height, a 53.0-ft height with a 39.3-ft overcenter side reach, and a non-overcenter side reach of 34.8-ft at 110˚.

The SCM50 model features a 50.0-ft bottom of platform height, a 55.0-ft working height, a 41.2-ft side reach overcenter, and it has a non-overcenter side reach of 36.2-ft at 110°.

The SCM55 model is designed with a 55.0-ft bottom of platform height, a 60-ft working height and a 46.1-ft side reach overcenter, and it boasts a 39.5-ft non-overcenter side reach at 110°.

Terex Info. Email utilities.sales@terex.com
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Solar Inverter

American Electric Technologies, Inc. has announced the introduction of two new models in their 1,000 volt, Integrated Solar Inversion Station (ISIS) product line.

The new 1.5 MW ISIS inversion system with the new 38 kV utility interconnect system enables optimization of DC and AC solar performance while meeting ANSI C.37 codes and NFPA safety requirements.

The ability to run solar farms at 1,000 volts versus traditional 600 volt farm designs with the new 1.5 MW UL1741 platform and 38 kV interconnect system enables utility-scale project developers to implement DC and AC designs at the highest voltage levels, reducing balance of systems cabling costs and power losses from the PV panel through the grid connection point.

The ISIS 1000 volt product line now includes both 1 MW and 1.5 MW solar inversion platforms as inverter-only solutions, or as integrated solutions with a medium voltage 15 kV or 38 kV class step-up transformer and utility interconnect systems.

American Electric Technologies, Inc.
Info. http://www.aeti.com/
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Disc Couplings

Developed for API 610 service, Torsiflex-i flexible disc couplings feature a robust disc pack design, allowing for greater torque load in a smaller size, which results in lower weight. The couplings lower weight and longer bearing life yield a lower cost per application. Max bores matched to NEMA motor shafts provide up to a 60 percent weight savings. A plug-in spacer design allows installation and removal without disturbing the hubs.

Ameridrives Couplings
Info. http://www.ameridrives.com.
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Arc flash harness

Capital Safety introduced the ExoFit NEX Arc Flash harnesses. The harnesses incorporate Nomex/Kevlar technology into their design and feature flame-resistant and non-conductive properties, making them perfect for use in any industry that involves exposure to high-voltage electricity or hot work, such as welding. The new harnesses are tested to perform in accordance with the recently updated ASTM F887-11 arc flash standard specification for personal climbing equipment, as well as ANSI Z359.1 and CSA requirements. The ExoFit NEX Arc Flash harnesses are a result of ongoing research and development within the ExoFit NEX line and incorporate technical advancements in materials and features. The ExoFit NEX Arc Flash harnesses are equipped with flame-resistant webbing; an exterior made with Nomex, featuring a Kevlar core and thread that provides 7,000 lb. strength and ultimate flame resistance. The built-in arc flash rated trauma straps provide an adjustable, continuous loop that minimizes suspension trauma. The integrated insulators behind exposed hardware prevent contact with the body ideal for use in utility industry applications. The non-conductive, extremely lightweight PVC-coated aluminum D-rings are another industry first from DBI-SALA. All featured hardware on the ExoFit NEX Arc Flash harness offers the highest level of comfort and security. For further information, visit www.capitalsafety.com.

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Back potted seals

Douglas Electrical Components has developed back potted epoxy hermetic seals designed as alternatives for ceramic or glass seals.

The seals are available in jam-nut and o-ring to wall mount, radial o-ring and others including the accommodation of fiber optic connectors and cables. The epoxies are made to withstand pressure up to 15,000 PSI and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to more than 350 F.

Douglas Electrical Components
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Cable ties

Heyco Products Inc. has announced availability of their new SunBundler Cable Ties.

The ties are designed to handle cable bundles on solar installations from 2.30″ to 4.20″ in diameter. The SunBundler Cable Ties are constructed from aircraft grade stainless wire with a UV protected vinyl jacket. The ties feature UV-protected smooth vinyl jacketing that prevents damage to installation cable insulation.

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SpecSizer software

Caterpillar Inc. has released a new version of SpecSizer, the software tool that helps engineers select a competitively sized generator set for electric power projects.

Available now for PC users, SpecSizer version 2.7.0 features an optimized 20-Step Wizard that automatically calculates the least number of steps for building a load scenario. The 20-Step Wizard collects loads, evaluates voltage dip and load demands, and then organizes the loads into steps to help users select a generator set with an optimal rating and footprint that minimizes costs. Along with voltage dip and skVA, the tool now provides an additional method for sizing based on customer-specific frequency dips.

Caterpillar Inc.
Info. http://www.catelectricpowerinfo.com/pr
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Wafer check valve

Asahi/America Inc. introduces 10-inch and 12-inch PVC wafer check valves.

The valve’s body, disc and stopper assembly are machined from solid PVC plate stock, which conforms to ASTM D1784 Cell Classification 12454A and to ISO 5752 face-to-face dimensions. A directional flow arrow on the valve body indicates the upstream and downstream sides of the valve.

The valve can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications and is available with EPDM seals and no spring.

Asahi/America Inc.
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Piezoelectric Accelerometers

The Series 378-HT-XP Piezoelectric Accelerometers from Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. are precision manufactured sensors designed to measure shock and vibration of structures subject to very high temperatures. They are effective for use in nuclear facilities and other severe and volatile environments. The unique design of the piezoelectric seismic system ensures that the units have no discernible spurious response to mounting torque, body strains, cable vibration, cable whip, pressure variations, and most heat transients.

The Series 378-HT-XP accelerometers are equipped with an integral stainless steel sheathed cable and supplied with a ¼-28 removable stud for mounting.

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. For
info. http://www.crlsensors.com
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LED Wall Pack Series

Cooper Lighting has introduced an internally developed wall-mount luminaire featuring a universal “all-in-one” product design to satisfy a myriad of application needs. The Lumark Crosstour LED Wall Pack Series offers superior optical performance, a low-profile aesthetic design and easy installation while providing solutions for wall, surface, post (bollard), low-level and inverted installations. Designed to replace up to 175-watt metal halide fixtures with the latest energy-efficient LED technology, the Crosstour can offer up to 90 percent energy savings compared to equivalent metal halide wall pack products.

The Crosstour’s scalable optical design options include three high-performance, LED lumen packages of 10-watts (720 lumens), 20-watts (1360 lumens) and 30-watts (2240 lumens) and a choice of either brilliant white 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT) or a neutral warm 3500K CCT.

Cooper Lighting
Info. http://www.cooperlighting.com
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Crawler crane

Global Crane Sales introduces the QUY350 Crawler Crane. The 385-ton capacity crane is ideally suited for windwill erection and general construction, as well as power plant work.

The crane comes with all 11 boom configurations and 5 hookblocks and features lift height of up to 540-feet and the crane features nine different configurations.

The lifting speed of the primary winch is 442.9-feet per minute, with the secondary winch capable of 393.7-feet per minute.

Global Crane Sale
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Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch

W.E. Anderson Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has released release of its new series TDFS Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch.

The Series TDFS Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch is a thermal flow switch that indicates whether the flow rate is above or below a user set flow rate with NO and NC NPN outputs.

The TDFS uses an impulse thermal dispersion measurement technique to measure the flow rate where the probe is heated above the process temperature and then is allowed to cool down to the process temperature. Empty pipe is not a problem with the TDFS unlike some competitors units that will overheat. Thermal flow switches can offer better long term reliability and life expectancy than mechanical flow switches.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. For
info. http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/Flow/FlowSwitches/Thermal/SeriesTDFS
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Time delay control switch relay

A new time delay control switch relay (TD-CSR) from Electroswitch provides a safe and effective means of mitigating arc flash danger in local circuit breaker operation by allowing for a manually initiated time-delayed trip or close. A flashing LED notifies the operator of the pending trip or close operation and serves as a warning to evacuate the arc flash area. By allowing an operator time to leave the room before the trip or close operation, the TD-CSR affords the operator the same safety from arc flash as a SCADA system at a small fraction of the price.

Once a local trip or close is initiated, the 10-second delay allows an operator time to cancel the pending operation.

Reliable, self-cleaning, double-wiping contacts with silver or silver-alloy surfaces provide very low contact resistance for low-level control applications.

Info http://www.electroswitch.com
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Industrial Telephones

FHF Safety products launched the new Ex-ResistTel Hazardous Area Telephone targeting industry’s toughest applications. Specially developed for United States and Canadian markets, the telephone is UL Approved for Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D. The telephone’s rugged glass fiber reinforced polymer construction requires no additional enclosure and has type 4x environmental ratings. All electronics are fully encapsulated and protected from corrosive and humid environments. The telephones are programmable and include an alphanumeric display.

FHF Safety For info.http://www.fhf-inc.com
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High Power Connector

Anderson Power Products introduces SPEC Pak, designed portable and test equipment in solar, wind and traditional power generation. The connector is sealed power for environmental conditions (IP68-rated waterproof environmentally sealed shell). It features power handling capacity from 75 to 260 amps, UL94 V-0 flammability rating and UL 746C F1 weather-ability rating.

The product is compatible with industry-standard PG threaded sealing glands, sturdy aluminum latches with lockout/tag-out capability. The connector accepts 75 to 180 amp Powerpole contacts and up to eight auxiliary contacts. Wire sizes can accommodate a range from 24 to 3/0 AWG.

Info. http://www.andersonpower.com/products/spec-hp.html RS #452

• • •

Fiberglass hard hat

Honeywell Safety Products (HSP) introduces the Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2A Hard Hat for extreme work environments. The Roughneck P2A delivers uncompromised protection in a lightweight design that ensures all-day comfort. Distinctive in its smooth, round design and matte finish, the P2A is the latest member of the Roughneck line of protective caps, which are recognized as the industry standard for high-quality, heavy-duty head protection.

The Roughneck P2A is available with a choice of three high-performance headgear options: the Fibre-Metal non-slip/non-strip ratchet, SwingStrap or TabLok.

Honeywell For
info. http://www.fibre-metal.com
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OneWireless Adapter

Honeywell has released its newest addition to its industrial wireless portfolio. The new OneWireless Adapter allows manufacturers to improve plant efficiency by converting field devices that use the HART protocol, one of the most widely used instrumentation protocols in the process industries, into devices that can transmit data over an ISA100.11a-compliant wireless network.

By allowing any HART device to communicate over the wireless network, the OneWireless Adapter helps improve the flow of information and gives operators the data they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Honeywell Internaitonal
Info. http:www.thewirelessplant.com/
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Hydraulic benders

Ridgid’s manual hydraulic benders are designed for cold bending of standard gas pipe (DIN 2440), black steel schedule 40 (ASTM A53) pipe and stainless steel schedule 40 pipe.

Bending angle indicators show, in real time, the angle the pipe is bent to, reducing the number of starts, stops and pipe removals to take measurements. The durable piston seals prevent premature leaks and maximize uptime. User fatigue is minimized due to the unique design of the handle, which minimizes the number of strokes to advance the piston and requires less effort per stroke. The benders’ single-circuit hydraulic system with a return spring provides better control of the ram.

The hydraulic benders are available in two models: 3/8-to-2-inch capacity (Model HB382) and 3/8-to-3-inch capacity (Model HB383).

Ridgid More
info. http://www.ridgid.com RS # 455

• • •

Mobile boilers

Indeck’s new line up of trailer-mounted O-Type rental boilers are available for planned or unplanned events. The watertube boilers feature higher efficiency and reliability.

The trailer-mounted fleet range in size from 40,000; 60,000 or 75,000 PPH capacities with design pressures of 395 psig. The O-Type of boilers are designed for ease of delivery, install and set-up with accessible piping connections and a single electric connection.

Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 456

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Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand has expanded its contact-cooled rotary screw air compressor line with the R-Series 55-75 kW / 75-100 hp range. The new range is available in fixed speed and Nirvana variable speed drive at capacities up to 3.23-13.56 m3/min / 114-479 cfm.

The new range of compressors is equipped with the Xe-Series controller, which features a high resolution LCD color display that provides immediate access to all vital compressor data and settings. Further, the controller allows access and remote control of the compressor from any PC, tablet or smartphone via the internet and can send automatic email notifications of trips and warnings.

The integrated Total Air System (TAS) dryer and filtration option provides clean, dry air in a single package, minimizing installation costs and footprint while allowing single-point maintenance and monitoring for the complete system.

Ingersoll Rand
Info http://www.ingersollrandproducts.com/rseries/55-75.aspx-item-38154
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Silicon ingot bonding for solar

LORD Corp. introduces its new silicon ingot bonding material for the solar market.

The LORD 781 epoxy adhesive allows manufacturers to address the pressure to reduce waste is made to reduce waste, lower operating costs and increase the life of the slicing wire. The adhesive is a two-component, thixotropic adhesive system designed to temporarily bond silicon ingots to a holding fixture for the purpose of wafer slicing.

LORD 781 is designed to be a high viscosity material that reduces adhesive flow to avoid ingot contamination and is low odor-emitting.

LORD Corp.
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• • •

Hazardous site cameras

Industrial Video and Control (IVC) introduced the H.264 camera designed and certified for use in hazardous areas. The cameras are available in Class I Division I and Class I Division 2 PTZ dome and ATEX PTZ cameras that support H.264 encoding.

The cameras are designed with an 18x, 26x or 36x optical zoom imagers. The cameras are also made with a variety of copper and fiber IP connectivity options.

Industrial Video and Control
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 459

• • •

Pedestal Mounted Hazardous Area Light

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com has released a metal halide hazardous area pedestal light designed to provide high power illumination in an easily deployed package. A breeze to carry and set up, rated for wet areas, and approved for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, the EPL-PM-2X400MH-100 pedestal light produces 72,000 lumens and can illuminate 50,000 square feet of workspace with brilliant white light. This dual metal halide lamp provides protection in atmospheres where flammable gases and vapors may occasionally be present. It combines the durability of Magnalight industrial grade lighting with the convenience of hand carried mobility.

Larson Electronics For
info. http://www.Magnalight.com
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• • •

Linesman Helmet

MPS Centurion has introduced the Centurion Concept Linesman Helmet. This lightweight helmet meeting ANSI Standard Z89.1- 2003, Type 1, Class E, assures retention to the head by a four-point, quick release harness and its comfortable, six-point headband cradle. It is also available with an optional ratchet headband. They feature a variety of colors including hi-visibility orange and yellow.

MPS Centurion
Info. http://www.go-mpsinc.com
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Macro Sensors offers its AC-operated LVDTs in different material housings to perform in varying operating environments including those with high and low temperature extremes, radiation exposure, seawater and vacuum pressure conditions. Standard configurations of Macro Sensors’ AC-operated linear position sensors are constructed of stainless steel with hermetically sealed electronics that enable reliable performance in environments with high temperatures (400 F) or mild radiation exposure. Users can also choose among other optional material housings including: Inconel 718 that provides greater pressure and chemical resistance so sensors can perform reliably under very hostile chemical conditions, even in seawater and corrosive acids; Monel 400, a special nickel-based alloy that provides excellent resistance against pitting and attack by micro organism, enabling sensors to perform in shallow and warm waters with high levels of oxygen; and Titanium and hastelloy housings that offer greater resistance to pressure and corrosion when measurements must be obtained in seawater depths down to 7500 ft. and with an external pressure of approximately 3800psi. For more information: http://www.macrosensors.com/separate_core_lvdts.html.

Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 462

• • •

Meter test tool

The CMControl front panel control for the OMICRON CMC test sets now provides a completely new test tool for meter testing. Users now have the possibility to test not various power system protection devices but also electricity meters on-site.

The testing tool is made to include calibration of the Wh and varh measurements each in both load directions. It is designed to provide different specialized test tools which guide the user through a step-by-step sequence and also comes with a touch screen.

OMICRON electronics
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 463

• • •

Adjustable shim

Pinpoint Laser Systems has released an adjustable shim called the Microshim. Typical applications include positioning large machinery, leveling grinding equipment, adjusting roll assemblies, leveling extruders and injection molding equipment and more.

The Microshim allows the user to adjust a stainless steel lifting bolt to raise or lower the machine. Height adjustments of 0.001 inch are possible and each Microshim will lift and support 10,000 pounds. Applying adhesive to the two sliding surfaces allows for adjustment before the Microshim is permanently locked to a specific height. Each Microshim is milled from a solid block of aluminum and protected by a hard anodized coating. All lifting hardware is fabricated in stainless steel. A set of four Microshims are packed in a case for easy and quick use.

The Microshim and other innovative products are manufactured in the United States by Pinpoint Laser Systems and are available through a growing network of representatives and distributors.

Info. http://www.pinlaser.com RS# 464

• • •


New, fully integrated differential pressure (DP) flowmeters from Orange Research are compact and rugged, with directly connected, large-throated, non-clogging flow nozzles.

The new product line features large, low-pressure-drop flow nozzles; easy-to-read 3.5-inch dials; versatile ½-inch to 2-inch NPT porting; and a choice of brass, stainless steel, or aluminum bodies suitable for a wide range of applications.

The flow nozzle is a long-life, wear-resistant design with a rounded leading face that reduces turbulence and backpressure, resulting in relatively low pressure drop. Three models are available: 2510FG (0-5 to 0-10 GPM), 2520FG (0-15 to 0-40 GPM), and 2530FG 0-50 to 0-200 GPM). All models have a maximum line pressure of 275 psi, accuracy of 2% F.S., maximum pressure drop of 5 psid, and turndown of 5:1.

Orange Research
Info. http://www.orangeresearch.com/differential-pressure-flowmeter.htm
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• • •

Body piston valve

The Fluid Control Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. introduces an enhanced model of its 810 Series Angle Body Piston Valve that features stroke limitation while maintaining the standard optical valve position indicator. The indicator allows the user to see if the valve is functioning open or closed, enhancing the product’s ease of use and operation.

The product line includes valves with up to 3″ port connections, has temperature rating options as high as 430°F (221°C), and features various-sized metal actuators that meet operating pressure ratings of up to 580 psi (40 bar). The valves are constructed with 316L stainless steel or bronze bodies and come standard with NPT porting; other connection options are available.

Parker Hannifin Corp. For
info http://www.parker.com/fcd
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• • •

Stainless steel seamless tubing

Parker Hannifin Corp. introduces a line of quality-assured domestic and non-domestic 316/316L stainless steel seamless tubing for hydraulic and instrumentation applications. The line was designed for systems processing harsh media or in corrosive environments where the safety, integrity, and reliability of the tubing are critical and leak prevention is paramount.

The tubing is available in sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch outside diameter and is marked to indicate the size, material, specifications, and heat number. The line was developed primarily for the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and power generation industries.

Parker Hannifin Corp.
Info. http://www.parker.com/ipdus
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 467

• • •

Portable LED Area Light With Tripod

Larson Electronics’ has announced the release of the EPL-BS-161M-TP1-100, a tripod mounted LED light for hazardous locations. This unit uses a 16 inch LED light head to produce 10,000 lumens of light while drawing only 150 watts. The 8 pound collapsible tripod elevates the light head to 12 feet.

The EPL-BS-161M-TP1-100 Class 1 and Class 2 Division 1 – 2 LED light can cover 8,000 square feet of area. The watertight LED light is equipped with a non-sparking tripod that can securely elevate the light to 12 feet, while collapsing to 3 feet. At a weight of under 8 pounds, the tripod can serve as a short pedestal type stand or a full blown telescoping tripod, offering the operator the choice to take the light up on scaffolding or set it right on the tank floor.

Larson Electronics
Info. http://www.magnalight.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 468

• • •

Supervision and optimization software

Schneider Electric introduced its StruxureWare supervision and optimization software, designed to simplify energy management and optimize process operation in buildings, data centers and industrial facilities

StruxureWare is made to simplify integration time, improve reliability, enhance visibility to energy information and optimize operational efficiency.

Schneider Electric
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 469

• • •

Power and signal connector

Anderson Power Products has introduced a new right angle printed circuit board connector. The SBS75x connector family was created to provide a touch-safe and high power connector with two primary and four auxiliary power.

The patented, dual-pole SBS75xPR right angle PCB connector provides two power contacts rated 105 amps and four auxiliary power contacts for applications requiring signal or low power capability up to 20 amps. The male signal contacts on the wire side (standard SBS75x) are available in four lengths when sequencing is required and provide a last mate/first break connection in relation to the power contacts. The SBS75xPR mating interface is touch-safe, providing protection to the user by eliminating finger contact with live circuits per UL1977, section 10.2. This feature is required by UL for use in DC systems over 30 volts where the shock can be health threatening.

Info. http://www.andersonpower.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 470

• • •

Signal Output Simulator and Tachometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco model 4830A, a handheld, battery-operated electronic instrument designed to simulate a variety of transducer outputs. The simulator offers a means of verifying instrumentation settings and cable integrity.

Available output signals from the model 4830A include single-ended and differential charge (pC), single-ended voltage (mV) and current-sinking Isotron (IEPE). A tachometer output signal has also been included. Simulated outputs are available in either English or Metric units over an available frequency range of 1 Hz to 10 KHz, with an adjustable output amplitude of up to 10,000 pC or mV pk and with overall noise of <2 mV or 2 pC rms.

Meggitt Info. www.meggittsensingsystems.com RS# 471

• • •

Power supply module

Wago Corp.’s 750-606 24VDC Supply Module provides 1A for WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM Ex-i modules. The 750-606 permits one WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM node to serve hazardous and non-hazardous environments by separating intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe sections.

Approximately 10 seconds after a fault is cleared, the electronic fuse automatically re-activates output voltage. This eliminates in-the-field resets — ideal when explosive gas- or dust-air mixtures hinder service. 750-606 Ex-i Power Supply also carries TÜV, ATEX, TUN and UL508 certifications for diverse applications.

Supply Module
Info. http://www.wago.us.
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 472

• • •

Temperature transmitter

Yokogawa has released a new wireless multi-input temperature transmitter. Built on the ISA100.11a industrial automation wireless communication standard, the YTMX580 is battery-powered and features eight analog input channels, each configurable for thermocouple, RTD, DCV and 4-20mA measurement. The YTMX580 can measure multiple temperature points in distant plant locations where there is no signal cabling or power available for traditional wired instrumentation. Temperature data is sent via a secure wireless link to an ISA100.11a gateway receiver, making that data available to a wide range of plant instruments and data acquisition and control systems.

Yokogawa Info. www.yokogawa.com RS# 473

• • •

Ground mount for commercial solar installations

Unirac, Inc. has released the newest generation of its premier product for commercial installations, the ISYS Ground Mount racking system.

Available now for order, ISYS Ground Mount (IGM) 2.0 is stronger, lighter and installs more quickly than its predecessor. Engineered to accommodate virtually every foundation option, IGM 2.0 easily adapts to any project site by allowing customers to select the most cost-effective foundation system for their specific project site.

This improved version of IGM is constructed of roll formed C-channel beams rather than the roll formed and toggle-locked I-beams used for the earlier version of IGM. This design cuts down on material use while maintaining the same structural integrity.

Unirac, Inc. For
info. http://www.responsetrack.net/lnk/unirac/1fctv/?186IQ000YDT
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 474

• • •

Metallic pumps

Versa-Matic recently launched the new E40 1 ½” bolted metallic line of pumps. The new E40 models are the latest addition to the Versa-Matic product offering, featuring the newly enhanced, exclusive Elima-Matic Air Valve system. The Elima-Matic Air Valve system consistently delivers on/off/on reliability, while maintaining superior air efficiency.

Versa-Matic pumps are available in a variety of plastic and metal materials such as polypropylene, acetal, aluminum and stainless steel.

Info http://www.versamatic.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 475

• • •

Fluid coupling for open-pit mining belt conveyors

Open-pit mining belt conveyors often transport extracted raw materials over long distances. Voith Turbo has developed a new coupling, the TurboBelt 780 TPXL, for the drives of these belt conveyors. It has been specially designed for induction motors operating at speeds of 900 to 1,200 rpm. The fluid coupling transmits twice the power previous couplings of the same size could achieve. The controlled start-up with precisely-dosed introduction of torque is especially easy on the belt, but also on the entire driveline. Start-up times of up to several minutes can be individually set in the control system.

Voith Turbo
Info http://www.voithturbo.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 476

• • •

Input/output modules

Wago Corp. introduced two new eight-channel, configurable digital input/output (DIO) modules as part of the company’s IP67 SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-system.

Configurable channel-by-channel, the 767-5801 & 767-5802 modules (24V DC, 0.5A) are made to run in direct input (DI), direct output (DO) or mixed DIO modes.

Speedway 767 is made to accommodate up to 64 I/O modules/station, 8 channels/module, 512 channels/station and 50m between digital, analog or specialty modules. The system is programmable via CoDeSys 3.0 and configurable via FDT/DTM technology. Supported protocols include: EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet, Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen.

Wago Corp.
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 477

• • •

User-Configurable Timer Relay Module

Wago Corp.’s 859 Series DIN-rail Timer Relay Module offers on-/off-delay timer modes and multiple time ranges for diverse applications such as switch and package “de-bounce” sensors. Unlike traditional designs, the 6mm 859 Series carries a top-mounted potentiometer for fine-tuning delay time without removing unit from DIN-rail. On-Delay mode can prevent simultaneous excess inrush currents by delaying machine startup. Off-Delay mode can enable auxiliary components, e.g., fans, to continue operation after machine shutdown.

The 859 Series is available with Electromechanical (SPDT) or Solid State Relay (SPST-N.O.) outputs. Selectable via two DIP switches, 859 Series provides four standard time delay ranges from 0.2 seconds to 10 minutes. Optional time delay ranges of 2.0 seconds to 35 minutes are also available. 859 Series input voltage ranges from 19.2–28.8VDC; outputs are 6A/24VDC (electromechanical) and 2A/24VDC (Solid State).

Wago Corporation http://www.wago.us/timerrelay.htm
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 478

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Solar mounting components

Westinghouse Solar, Inc. has announced the availability of mounting components for all solar panels with side grooves, including panels from Trina, Yingli, Canadian Solar, ET Solar, Upsolar and Sharp.

Andalay Groove mounting components have been designed with a positive locking mechanism that prevents twist out failures. Tested to over 5400 Pascals in both positive and negative load conditions, these components are engineered for rooftops in which high winds and snow loads are expected.

With fewer parts and no expensive tools required for installation, the low cost and simplicity of Andalay Groove components make them the ideal solution for residential rooftops.

Westinghouse Solar, Inc.
Info http://www.westinghousesolar.com.
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 479

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Tool vest

Tool Pak introduces its tool vest, designed to eliminate bulky tool belts.

The vest features 20 easy-to-reach pockets, six with flaps. It also features four quick release buckle adjust points for perfect fit and it zips on and off like a jacket. The vest frame is made from mesh and has fluorescent panels and reflective stripes on the front and back.

Tool Pak
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 480

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Personal Radiation Detector

Flir Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announces the introduction of the latest in handheld radiation detection technology. The nanoRaider spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) is a pager-sized device with full detection and identification capabilities.

The nanoRaider provides the highest detector resolution available in a pager-sized device with sensitivity and identification capabilities not previously available in an SPRD. By incorporating identification capabilities, the nanoRaider can virtually eliminate the false alarm and false positives that are common to non-identifying pagers.

FLIR Systems, Inc. For
info. http:www.flir.com
Info http://powereng.hotims.com RS#: 481

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