Hitachi realizes transformation with integrated engineering tools

Cambridge, England, Oct. 1, 2003 — Hitachi Thermal & Hydroelectric Systems Division Ltd has announced positive results from its ongoing ‘E-project’ – an initiative dedicated to evolving the division’s business processes and operating tools for power plant projects.

AVEVA, the engineering IT solutions and services group formerly known as Cadcentre, is providing the applications and services for the project, which focuses on integrating the processes and applications of individual engineering tasks.

AVEVA’s contributions cover engineering design, procurement, construction and management, Integrated Project Execution (IPE) and a globally-distributed working capability.

In early 2001 the Thermal & Hydroelectric Systems Division of Hitachi Limited (Hitachi) recognized that change was required to sustain a leading position for manufacturing turbines and generators, as well as being an engineering contractor for some of the world’s largest thermal power stations.

Hitachi launched the E-Project to focus on utilizing leading-edge technology to create an integrated environment for engineering projects. The project team set a target of establishing the Division as the prime Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and project management contractor for global thermal power station projects.

Following an extensive review process, Hitachi selected AVEVA for partnership in the project. AVEVA’s consultants have been working in close partnership with Hitachi personnel to implement AVEVA’s VANTAGE Plant Engineering (VPE), Plant Design (VPD) and Project Resource Management (VPRM) applications families.

Hitachi’s E-Project manager, Mr Toyohiko Masuda commented: “The E-Project, which started in 2001, is producing fruitful results. Capabilities that it has delivered have been used on the Canada/Genesee power plant. Hitachi is moving towards being a first-class solution partner in the power plant business by applying up to date, strategic IT through the E-Project.”

Peter Finch, President of AVEVA’s Asia Pacific division, responded: “It gives us great pride to witness customers like Hitachi successfully undertaking changes in business processes through project execution tools. It is an indication of their confidence in AVEVA’s ability and engineering direction. We look forward to viewing their continued success.”

About Hitachi Thermal & Hydroelectric Systems Division

Founded in 1910, Hitachi is known as one of the most comprehensive worldwide electric and electronic product manufacturers. Hitachi’s products and services include: information & telecommunication systems, electronic devices, power & industrial systems, digital media and consumer products, high-technology materials & components, logistics and other services.

Hitachi has been one of the major equipment suppliers in the world power-generating plant market and is also an EPC Contractor with rich experience and variety of group firms, delivering a full and seamless service for power generation and transmission equipment.

Being an experienced EPC Contractor, Hitachi is able to provide a wide range of services and can guarantee a lot more value to its clients than its competitors. For example, reduced capital costs, maintaining services to secure stable operation and income and assisting with engineering and assessment work during project development.

Energy is the driving force behind the industrial world. Identifying safer, more efficient resources is vital to our future. Hitachi’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations, including the development and manufacture of fuel for use in nuclear-power generation, have led the way in the energy industry.

Hitachi is one of only a few companies worldwide that can provide the expertise and total systems needed to cover a whole spectrum of energy needs: nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric power plant systems, as well as the fast, efficient infrastructures for information systems needed to compete in a global marketplace. By developing new technologies and streamlining various installation processes, Hitachi continues to provide new, highly-efficient generating systems that meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

Hitachi is also recognized as one of only a few worldwide companies that can supply all the equipment necessary for a fossil-fuel power plant, which is composed of boiler, turbine, generator, and BOPs. Hitachi has a wide line-up from small to large capacity fossil-fuel power plants that can be applied to all utilities and IPPs.

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About AVEVA Group plc

AVEVA Group plc ( is an engineering IT solutions and services providers to the oil and gas, pulp and paper, power, chemical, pharmaceutical and shipbuilding industries. AVEVA Group plc operates globally through three divisions: AVEVA Consulting, AVEVA Managed Services and AVEVA Engineering IT. A fourth division, AVEVA Solutions, is responsible for product development.

Headquartered in Cambridge, England, AVEVA Group plc and its operating subsidiaries currently employ 350 staff in 25 offices worldwide, maintaining the consistency of their operation across six continents.


VANTAGE, the collective name for AVEVA’s four-family plant lifecycle product suite, offers proven and versatile solutions for sustainable IT development. Well known for its Plant Design Management System (PDMS), it also addresses data management, project management, engineering design, visualization, third party software integration, procurement and the business enterprise on a common foundation.

VANTAGE represents a commitment to harnessing the best of technology without losing sight of the fundamentals of good engineering. It is developed upon a proven and evolving technology foundation that has been deployed on major global projects for over 25 years.

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