ENGIE added 3 GW in renewables for 2020, including 1.8 GW U.S.

As part of efforts to achieve its energy transition goals, French multinational energy firm ENGIE added a total of 3GW of renewables capacity to its energy mix last year.

The utility has set a target to add 9GW of renewable capacity between 2019 and 2021.

Of the 3GW added in 2020, 70% is onshore wind, 21% solar PV and–for the first time–9% offshore wind.

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Up to 2GW of the acquired capacity is in the US. The capacity was acquired in four states and marks a milestone for ENGIE in the US market.

The capacity installed in 2020 is distributed as follows:

  • North America: 1.8GW
  • Europe: 0.9GW
  • Latin America and others: 0.3GW.

With the development, ENGIE’s gross renewable energy capacity amounted to 31GW at the end of 2020. The utility also acquired an additional 2GW of operating capacity in Europe in 2020.

In North America alone, ENGIE now operates 3GW of renewables capacity.

Overall, ENGIE’s renewables portfolio consists of 57% hydroelectric capacity and 43% wind & solar assets and renewables account for 30% of ENGIE’s gross power generation capacity (101GW).

Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE’s CEO said: “ENGIE’s commissioning of 3GW of additional renewable capacity in 2020 is consistent with our growth strategy in renewables and positions ENGIE as a leader in global renewable development. This is an achievement in a challenging context for the industry in 2020. This performance puts us on track to meet our target to add 9GW capacity over the 2019 to 2021 period, and makes us confident in our capacity to further accelerate renewables growth in the years to come.”

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