China plans large-scale wind power centres, totalling 120 GW

30 June 2009 – China plans to build seven wind power bases, with a minimum capacity of 10 GW each by 2020, in a move that will dramatically increase the country’s use of renewable energy reports China Daily.

The seven bases are to be located in:

• Jiuquan in the Gansu Province
• Hami in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region
• Hebei Province
• Western Jilin Province
• Eastern Inner Mongolia
• Western Inner Mongolia
• Jiangsu Province

Once completed the seven bases will have combined capacity of around 120 GW, with the country’s total power capacity projected to be 1500 GW by 2020.

The construction of these wind bases would require an investment of around 1 trn yuan ($146.4bn)

China’s wind energy resources are primarily located in the northern regions and the coastal areas of the country.

In addition to onshore wind power, which has seen rapid growth in China, the country has also started to develop offshore wind power projects. And it is building its first offshore wind power project, the Shanghai Donghai offshore wind farm.

China’s wind power sector has enjoyed a 100 per cent annual growth in the past three years, and its wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed 30 GW by the end of 2010, up from 12 GW last year.

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