Anglo MGH Energy plans to set up Bangladesh’s first geothermal power plant

A private company has planned to set up Bangladesh’s first geothermal power plant with a capacity to produce 200 MW.
Anglo MGH Energy said it has sought government approval to estbalish the plant at Salandar village in the impoverished northern district of Thakurgain.  The Dhaka-based company plans to dig 28 deep tube wells to lift hot steam, whose temperature will be at least 12 degree Celsius.
The lifted and pressured steam will be channeled into a turbine which is linked to a generator for turning it to produce electricity. Officials of the company said they have found ideal sites in Thakurgaon to generate 200 MW, which they say will greatly reduce acute power shortages in northern districts.
“We are now waiting for the government’s approval for exploration license,” Md Abdur Rahim, a director of the company, said.
He said the company has done primary feasibility studies on the plan and will conduct a final one shortly on a span of 3555 hectares of land to select the spot for the plant.
“It will be the first geothermal plant in Bangladesh. Our studies have shown that some northern districts are ideal place for harnessing hot ground water to generate power,” he added.
A 200 MW gas fired power plant can cost $150-200m. By contrast, a geothermal power plant with similar capacity can be set up at one third of that cost, according to officals.
Rahim said the company has recently applied to the power and energy ministry, seeking a licence to produce geothermal power. The company has secured favourable opinions from the Geological Survey of Bangladesh, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Forest.
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