Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more of the many “reality” shows dominating the TV programming landscape.
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Slowly but surely, the nuclear industry is paving the road that it believes will lead to the promised land - the next round of commercial nuclear power plants in the United States.

Perhaps we should have seen the writing on the wall. Earlier this year, the CEOs of two major utilities made speeches supporting the use of a carbon tax on fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Retirements are happy occasions - full of best wishes, sentimental gifts, embarrassing anecdotes and touching testimonials.

Lemmings are relatively unknown members of the animal kingdom. Their main claim to fame is their tendency toward mass migrations, which can end in mass suicide as thousands of lemmings follow each other over a cliff into the sea.

In his State of the Union speech on February 2, President Bush urged Congress to pass legislation that “makes America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy.
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The Kyoto Protocol, which went into effect this month for signatory countries, will have relatively little direct impact in the United States, other than for multi-national companies that operate in countries where the Protocol�s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission stipulations are in force.

On May 31, 1925, Lou Gehrig, a 21-year old infielder for the New York Yankees, pinch-hit for Pee Wee Wanninger, quietly beginning one of the most remarkable streaks in sports history.