Call for papers: The Program Committee, Advisory Committee and Management of POWER-GEN Asia ?95 is accepting papers for this event. The deadline for abstracts in Monday, April 3, 1995. Prospective authors who wish to have papers considered for presentation at the POWER-GEN Asia ?95 Conference should submit a 300-400 word abstract, and a listing of all authors and co-authors (in English only) to: POWER-GEN Asia ?95 Committee, c/o Times Conferences & Exhibitions Pte. Ltd., Times Centre, Level 4,

Business news and new business: BW/IP International Inc. has secured an order worth approximately $1 million from Raytheon Engineers and Constructors to supply pumps for the new Panda-Brandywine Cogeneration Project....Custodis-Ecodyne, a Research-Cottrell company and a subsidiary of Air & Water Technologies Corp., has been awarded a cooling tower upgrade project, valued at $1 million, for Southern California Edison Co. at its Etiwanda Generating Station....Virginia Power?s North Anna I nuclear

People: R.W. Beck has chosen seven new partners and nine new associates. Partners include: Bruce Barrett; Joe Brack; Joe Jackson; Herb Kosstrin; Keith Platte; Steve Stein; and Ed Rowe. The associates are: Sue Brunnmeier; Jonathan Burgiel; Doug Handley; Stan Hayes; Mike Hobbs; Dennis Loria; Gregg Sutherland; Steve Swenson; and Glenn Trabox....Freeport Power Co., and affiliate of Southern Electric International, has named Larry Brantley president and chief executive office.