A train hit a car on a lonely stretch of road in the hill country on a very dark, stormy night.

An old man who had worked in a blacksmith shop as a boy decided to impress his grandson with the rigors of his training regimen.

A sergeant in a parachute regiment was participating in a night-time training exercise.

As a counterpoint to the technical cheer attributed to Cal Tech in the November issue, Power Engineering reader Alan Kessler, Purdue Class of 1970, offers the following:

No, not another brain teaser, but try to decipher the spoken words of the coded cheer below, reportedly used at Cal Tech:

The August edition of the efun page featured a brain-teaser instead of the usual joke.

Barry and Larry applied for jobs at a large power company and had to take an intelligence test.

The efun page extends its scope just slightly this month by offering the brain-teaser below instead of the usual joke.

A psychology student is helping a professor conduct a personality test on several volunteer subjects.