Old boiler systems with outdated, inefficient equipment are the norm for our industry. This is because boiler technology is largely stable, and boilers are reliable pieces of equipment that can last decades.

Why have our best efforts to secure power plants fallen short? The answer is that we’ve taken an IT-centric versus a production-centric approach to industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity.

The Northern Prairie region of the U.S. has an abundance of wind and wide-open spaces that could be used to develop large, wind-powered generation resources. While the Southern Prairie has developed such resources and continues to expand them in massive scale, the Northern Prairie has not.

The winners of the 2017 Projects of the Year Awards were announced Dec. 5 in Las Vegas. Click here to find out who won.

Inspecting the core shroud of a nuclear power plant is a challenging scenario that requires the most innovative inspection tools.