Members of a North Carolina church will move into their expanded church facility sooner than expected. An arrangement to provide much needed low cost landfill material made the project possible thanks to a cooperative effort of the New Covenant United Methodist Church?s building committee, Duke Power Co., and contractor Trans-Ash of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dale Simbeck, vice president of technology, SFA Pacific, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., speaking at the recent Council of Industrial Boiler Owners` fluidized bed conference in Jacksonville, Fla., said that fluidized bed combustion (FBC) technology has now become a major competitor for conventional solid fuel combustion systems worldwide. Here in the United States independent power producers and cogenerators have led the way in deploying FBC boilers for electric power generation. Utility type rehea

Don`t let common misperceptions about flue gas desulfurization systems bias a realistic appraisal of this capable control technology
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The holiday season, just passed, provided a convenient time to pause, at least briefly, to take a fresh look at setting priorities for a more productive 1995. Priorities might have included expanding the list of potential sources for information or guidance in certain special areas of expertise. For example, power plant engineers, who oversee many facets of environmental protection, could gain benefits from research organizations that might not yet be universally known throughout the power gener