Welcome to the Energy Revolution: POWERGEN webcast highlights best to come in New Orleans

Click here to see the “Welcome to the Energy Revolution” Webcast featuring Wendy Prabhu, Kevin O’Donovan, Dan Shelledy and Rod Walton

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A revolution is coming, and thousands are marching in hear all about it.

POWERGEN International is less than two weeks away in New Orleans. As always, POWERGEN will offer the latest and greatest developments in gas-fired, coal-fired, nuclear, on-site power gen-sets, wind, solar, hydro and energy storage.

The so-called revolution used to refer just to the renewables. At POWERGEN, attendees will learn it also means the future of liquified natural gas (LNG) export capacity globally, hydrogen, microgrids, digital transformation and even more particular technical advancements in artificial intelligence and more surrounding the ever-changing Smart Power Plant.

That’s a lot to wrap your head around, so a brand-new webcast offered the insights from four “talking heads” focused on what’s new, what’s indispensable and what’s to come in the diverse power generation sector. The webcast panel was moderated by international social media influencer Kevin O’Donovan and featured Dan Shelledy, senior business development manager with Wartsila and POWERGEN’s On-Site Power Track chair; Wendy Prabhu, president and strategic communications counsel with Mercom Capital and member of the POWERGEN renewables content committee; and Rod Walton, content director with POWERGEN International.

Each webcast participant spoke about what interested them most about the POWERGEN content. Shelledy and Prabhu focused on the growing role of on-site, distributed and cleaner energy resources.

“I believe we are at the beginning of an energy revolution,” Prabhu said. “Is it going to happen this year? No. . . It’s going to be a transition. Some of the market drivers will be the fires in California (other weather and economic factors). . .We’re going to see a lot more distributed energy and microgrids in our future.”

Indeed, POWERGEN will feature more than 10 sessions focused solely about microgrids. A central component of each microgrid, almost always, are backup gen-sets such as those featured in the On-Site Power track.

One of those track sessions will look at a case study out of Glendale, California which is combining gas-fired on-site power with energy storage and renewables.

Shelledy also noted that pace of change is quickening. Even in the case of conventional power, technology is developing to incorporate carbon-free, synthetic resources such as hydrogen produced from electrolysis.

That, too, will be featured in several sessions at POWERGEN.

“We’ve got some new technologies people are going to want to hear about,” Shelledy said. “There’s a lot of value in attending the main sessions at POWERGEN.”

Walton noted the first-ever addition of a Natural Gas Knowledge Hub and sessions focused around LNG export capacity for the U.S. to Vietnam, the Caribbean and beyond.

POWERGEN International will be November 19-21 in New Orleans.

“I’m looking forward to the good food and good music,” Shelledy said. “I encourage people to come down and let the good times roll.”

Click here to see the entire webcast video.

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