Quick take on POWERGEN+ for February: future workforce needs, planning for outages and dealing with COVID-19

In its Workforce of the Future report two years ago, research and consulting firm Deloitte highlighted the challenges facing all sectors as we enter what its calls “Industry 4.0,” a sort of fourth industrial revolution but this time led by digitalization, automation and predictive analytics.

The next POWERGEN+ virtual series will focus on the future power plant workforce needs, how to manage crews during the pandemic and, worth noting, the present heavy lifting already being done by operations and maintenance personnel. Registration is free, open to the industry, and sessions are both live and archived for one year.

More information on session specifics and presenters is forthcoming. POWERGEN is always on the lookout for utilities and their partners which can speak to their peers about projects, case studies and every facet of power generation from the plant to the turbine and beyond.

Below is the calendar for editorial sessions in  the February 17-18 series of POWERGEN+. Go to powergenplus.com for registration and more information.

February 17-18

Theme: Workforce and Asset Management

–               Session 1: Future Power Plant Workforce Needs and Challenges

–               Session 2: Planning and Conquering Power Plant Outages

–               Session 3: COVID 19 Era Workforce  

–               Session 4: Asset Management for Plant Life Extension  

In April, POWERGEN+ will tackle issues on optimizing plant performance and digital transformation in the industry, both in the facilities and on remote. Check in with Power Engineering for more details later.

Previous POWERGEN+ sessions have focused on issues such as the future of hydrogen-fired generation, cybersecurity, on-site power, maintenance needs and more. Utilities which have presented in the 2020 POWERGEN+ sessions include Grand River Dam Authority, AES, AEP, Avista, Ameren, Georgia Power, Cordova (Alaska) Electric Cooperative, National Grid, Vistra Energy and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, among others. Sponsoring and presenting companies represented include Mitsubishi Power, Wartsila, UBC Millwrights and Siemens, among others.

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