Black & Veatch, Entergy, CPV and Hanara among those speaking in April POWERGEN+ on Optimizing Plant Performance

Photo by Adam Mason.

Not even COVID-19 can stop a community focused around common goals.

People want to get together and share ideas, hear stories and gain something from the exchange. For the past year, this has been virtually online—Who’s Zooming who, after all?—but we know that’s a temporary public square on the way back to larger live events when it’s safe to do so.

POWERGEN International, the biggest U.S. electric generation industry event for more than 30 years, will return in person Jan. 26-28 in Dallas. In the meantime, the online POWERGEN+ series has been offering webcasts on all parts of the generation sector, from next-gen nuclear to community solar to combined cycle gas turbine projects and beyond.

We also admit that virtual, however Plus it might strive to be, is a pale imitation of the real thing live. Even so, this vast industry is shouting from the desktop and laptop, with some 3,801 people joining the POWERGEN+ community, attending sessions over five months, doing meetings, furthering the goal of working together to provide strong and resilient electricity around the world.

Next month’s April Plus is focused around optimizing Plant Performance. The series is happening April 28-29 at, with free registration and the potential to connect with both attendees and presenters.

The first editorial session will begin 12:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) Wednesday, April 28 and is entitled, “Converting a Coal-fired Plant: Benefits and Challenges.” Among the panelists will be EPC leader Black & Veatch’s Garry King, senior vice president of Global Services for B&V’s conventional power generation business, and Energy Cast Podcast creator Jay Dauenhauer.

The following April editorial session will be “Making the Modern Plant Digital, Safer and More Predictable,” running from 3:30 p.m.-4:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 28. This session will feature Gary Dickens, vice president of project and construction management with southern U.S. utility Entergy Corp., talking about his company’s major and recent combined cycle gas turbine projects. Dickens will be joined by Juan Ontiveros, associate vice president for utilities, energy and management at the University of Texas-Austin, and by Hanara Software.

“Next-Gen O&M Tools to Keep Conventional Power Competitive” will begin 12:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 29. This 45-minute session will be guided by two major leaders in the independent power producer realm, Competitive Power Ventures and NAES. The speakers will include, Joe Michienzi, vice president of the asset management group at CPV, and NAES Plant Manager Bob Burchfield.

Registration for POWERGEN+ is free. Click here to learn more.

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