Enlit Europe webinar: Future of European energy markets

Webinar broadcast: Monday, 14 June 2021

08h00 New York | 12h00 GMT | 13h00 London | 14h00 Amsterdam | 14h00 Johannesburg | 1h30 New Delhi | 20h00 Singapore | 22h00 Melbourne

60-minute session: Register here at ENLIT 365.

About Energy Markets Week |Energy markets unlocking flexibility

The power and gas markets will take centre stage during the Energy Markets Week: energy markets are vital as an enabler of the flexibility that our energy system is in need of.

In a week full of live episodes, the need for flexibility is key in the discussions about whether the current market design is fit for purpose and what role industrial energy users will play in the future Energy Markets.

We will discuss technologies in trading, the democratization of European Energy Markets and the implications for the back office, Hydrogen as an integral element of Europe’s Internal Energy Market and of course we will take a look into the Price Drivers for both power and gas.

This session will unpack the main challenges that need to be tackled:

  • Market-based mechanisms
  • Regulatory barriers  

Moderator: Jerome Le Page, Electricity Committee Chair | EFET


Christian Baer, Secretary General | Europex
Hélà¨ne Robaye, Head of Regulation & Market Design | Engie
Mathieu Fransen, Policy Officer | ACER

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