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Jordan, NuScale Partnering on SMR Nuclear Feasibility Study

Jordan imports about its 95 percent of its energy needs, so it is looking to bolster its energy security and lower prices, according to the World Nuclear Association.

NuScale Selects PaR for Reactor Building Crane

The RBC is a key component of the NuScale reactor building that houses the NuScale Power Modules. PaR Systems will perform the design, engineering and subsequent precision movement testing for NuScale’s RBC. This announcement continues to demonstrate NuScale’s preparation for its first operational plant in Idaho by the mid-2020s.

NuScale signs memo with Ontario Power Generation for small modular reactors

NuScale’s SMR design has safety and reliability features, is factory-made, and offers scalable power based on need

NuScale Increases SMR Energy Production by 20 Percent

Additionally, the same tweaks to a 12-module NuScale SMR lowers the cost of generation.

NuScale SMR Becomes First to Complete NRC Phase One Review

The NRC is expected to certify NuScale’s design.

NRC Approves Safety Design for NuScale SMR

Thedesign eliminates the need for class 1E power, which is currently required for safety-related nuclear power plant electrical systems at all nuclear plants. 

NuScale Power Receives NRC Approval for Protection System

NuScale developed HIPS jointly with Rock Creek Innovations LLC over the last six years. 

NuScale Power’s SMR Design Accepted for NRC Review

The move indicates NuScale’s submission addresses all NRC requirements and contains sufficient technical information.

NuScale Power Submits Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design to NRC

In a major step toward the deployment of the next generation of advanced nuclear technology, NuScale Power asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on Dec 31, 2016, to approve the company's small modular reactor (SMR) commercial power plant design.

NuScale Submits First-Ever Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design to NRC

The small modular reactors include scalable plants that can incrementally increase output depending on demand.


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