Wärtsilä secures CHP upgrade and maintenance contract in Argentina

Boortmalt power plant. Image credit: Wärtsilä

Technology firm Wärtsilä has signed a contract to upgrade and maintain a combined heat and power plant in Argentina.

Boortmalt, a malting company, has tasked Wärtsilä with converting its Punta Alvear dual-fuel plant to a gas-fueled system.

This will help the malting firm to lower its production and operating costs and aligns with the company’s sustainable development strategy, which aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

The upgrade is expected to increase the plant’s efficiency and power output, and the process reduces Bootmalt’s malt production expenses. The project is also expected to help reduce the plant’s carbon footprint.

Jorge Alcaide, Wärtsilä Energy Business Director, Americas, Region South, added: “By carrying out this gas conversion project, we are in effect future-proofing the plant’s operational performance, since it will facilitate the future integration of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. In the meantime, it will reduce the need for power from the grid, thereby lowering costs.”

Gas conversions will also enable the transition to future synthetic fuels, such as hydrogen.

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