MHI Marine unit supplying turbochargers for dual-fuel ship engines

WinDG engine.

TOKYO-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Marine Machinery & Equipment Co. (MHI-MME) is delivering turbochargers for the world’s largest two-stroke dual-fuel engines planned for large container ships.

MHI-MME is supplying MET turbocharges for the X-DF engine 12X92DF developed by Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) of Switzerland and being built by CSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. (CMD) of China. Those engines are scheduled for mounting on nine 23,000 TEU-capacity vessels.

The vessels are being built at a shipyard under the China State Shipbuilding Corp. TEU is an acronym for an individual twenty-foot equivalent unit or standardizing shipping container size.

MHI-MME has previously supplied MET turbochargers (pictured) for the X-DF engines. A ceremony to unveil this project’s first completed unit was held Monday at the shipyard.

MHI-MME developed new models of small, lightweight and high-efficiency turbochargers in 2018, aiming to complete the first such turbocharger in 2020. The MET-MBII turbocharger series are available to install the turbocharger on WinGD diesel engines as well as former MET-MB series.

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