MAN supplying MGT turbines for CHP plant in Nigeria

German-based MAN Energy Solutions will install its first MGT gas turbine heat and power system in Africa, the company announced.

MAN will deliver about 20 MW worth of power to a plant supplying heat and electricity to BPL oil and gas facilities 30 miles southwest of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. The three packages include the single-shaft MGT6000 gas turbine technology.

The order for MAN was placed by American EPC and equipment exporter Combustion Associates Inc. (CAI). Together with Exterran Corp., the company is responsible for the engineering, manufacturing and installation of the overall project.

“We have seen the exceptional quality and performance of MAN MGT6000 gas turbines and are confident in placing our first order for them,” said Mukund Kavia, chairman of CAI. “This is the beginning of a long-term partnership between CAI and MAN and we plan to work together on other power projects in Africa, which is CAI’s key market.”

The MAN turbine technology will deliver around 20 MW of power, using dry low emission technology and natural gas as a low-emission fuel. The system also features a specifically modified intake air-cooling to deal with the high temperatures on site. The set-up comprising three gas turbines trains enables a flexible load profile for the operator.

All trains are equipped with an ATU Box (Analytics Telemetrie Unit), which is connected to the new digital platform MAN CEON. The system collects and evaluates operating and sensor data and enables the customer to monitor the machine’s operation around the clock and easily request advice for remote support.

MAN Energy Solutions plans to deliver the machines by November. All gas turbines are manufactured in Oberhausen, Germany and the packaging is done at MAN’s Chinese workshop in Changzhou.

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