Doosan Škoda providing 15-MW steam turbine, gen-set for Turkish chemical plant

3D model Doosan Skoda steam turbine unit
Illustration courtesy Doosan Skoda

Czech manufacturer Doosan Škoda will supply a steam turbine, generator and accessory equipment for a planned chemical plant in central Turkey.

The 15-MW steam turbine will help power the Etimaden EMET Sulfuric Acid Production Plant being built in Kütahya Province. Doosan Škoda Power will supply all accessories along with the turbine itself and the company’s engineers will also supervise assembly of the unit at the construction site.
The factory will be in continuous operation for 330 days a year and the steam turbine will generate electricity from residual heat for both the plant’s own operation and the surrounding area.

“EMET Sulphuric Acid Production facility will make a significant contribution to Turkey’s boron treatment and boron products process which have a wide range of usage areas including but not limited to agriculture, cleaning, metallurgy, health and textile,” said Yaman COŞKUN, representative of EKON. “Alongside the production of sulphuric acid, the plant will also supply electricity to the EMET Boron.”

Doosan Škoda Power is on a tighter deadline than usual, having 12 months from the date of signing the contract to supply the turbine unit to the construction site. Foundation bolts and other built-in components are scheduled to be delivered by February 2022, said project manager Lucie Franková.

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