Siemens Energy handling power automation, digital twin systems for German wood-based biorefinery

Siemens Energy was selected to lead the electrification, automation and digitalization of a next-gen biorefinery in Germany.

Finnish owner UPM-Kymmene chose Siemens Energy to guide the power project aspects of the biorefinery currently under construction in Leuna. The plant will convert 100 percent wood into bio-based mono-ethylene glycol, mono-propylene glycol and renewable functional fillers.

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These products can help reduce the carbon footprint of end-products such as PET bottles and packaging materials.

“We look forward to helping UPM reduce the world’s reliance on chemicals produced from fossil fuels as we move toward creating a more sustainable world,” said Jennifer Hooper, Senior Vice President, Industrial Applications Solutions for Siemens Energy.

Siemen Energy’s duties on the power project aspect include mill-wide medium and low-voltage power distribution system, drive and motor control systems, automation, and digital twinning of the entire plant.

The biorefinery is scheduled for start-up in late 2022. When fully operational, it will have a total annual capacity of 220,000 tons.

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