GE GT26 HE upgrade completed at Uniper UK plant, coming to Singapore, Buenos Aires

Enfield combined cycle gas-fired plant. Courtesy GE

GE’s new GT26 high efficiency gas-fired turbine upgrade is gaining momentum with power plant projects announced in the United Kingdom, Asia and Latin America this week.

First up, GE announced completion of the GT26 HE (high efficiency) upgrade at Uniper’s Enfield Power Station in North London. The company also received orders for the HE package at power plants in Singapore and Argentina.

The Uniper project was undertaken to improve performance and extend the maintenance interval of the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) Enfield plant. GE’s prior testing on the GT26 He technnology indicated increases in plant output up to 25 MW per unit, a 1 percent increased efficiency in part load, worth up to $1 million fuel savings per unit per year, and maintenance intervals extended up to 32,000 hours.

“GE has invested significantly in the development of this upgrade. We are excited that the GT26 gas turbine at Uniper’s Enfield site is the world’s first GT26 unit equipped with the HE upgrade to achieve H-class performance levels approaching 60% combined cycle efficiency, demonstrating the significant technological investment GE has made in this upgrade” said Amit Kulkarni, Head of Product Management for Heavy Duty Gas Turbines, GE Gas Power. “With the world shifting towards a lower carbon future, improving energy efficiency while increasing power output is a key way to generate more energy per unit of fuel with lower carbon emissions.”

Meanwhile, Keppel Infrastructure also awarded an upgrade contract to GE Gas Power to modernize the existing GT26 unit at a CCGT plant in Jurong Island, Sinapore. GE’s release indicated that the upgrade will abate about 50 million kWh equivalent of carbon emissions annually.

“We selected GE’s GT26 HE solution because of its excellent part load efficiency and its fuel-flexible combustion system, the most advanced solution ever introduced on a GT26 gas turbine”, said Cindy Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Infrastructure. “With this innovative upgrade, our power station will benefit from improved efficiency with a lower carbon footprint, in line with the Keppel Group’s Vision 2030 sustainability goals.”

Enel Argentina Central Dock Sud power plant

GE also will provide two GT26 HE upgrades at the Central Dock Sud plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The plant owner is a subsidiary of Enel Argentina SA.

The upgrades, due to be completed by the end of 2022, will inject more than 100 MW of capacity beyond the current 755 MW top output, according to the release.

The efficiency additions also could extend the plants life by another two decades.

“GE’s GT26 HE upgrade blends cutting-edge technology from GE’s industry-leading F and H class fleets and it will help us produce more power, while reducing CO2 emissions per MW,” said Juan José Marcet, General Manager, Central Dock Sud. “Thanks to this significant power increase we will fully decommission our high-fogging system, leading to substantial cost savings.  In addition, we will benefit from the HE’s dual fuel capability, allowing us to burn diesel backup fuel in winter in case of a natural gas shortage.”

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