GE, Ontario utility complete turbine, generator work as part of Darlington nuclear plant overhaul

Darlington Unit 3 turbine work
Image credit Ontario Power Generation OPG

Ontario Power Generation and its contractors have completed key segments of their work to refurbish Unit 3 of the 3.5-GW Darlington nuclear power plant.

Completion of the bellows severing marked the end of work on the most recent segment in the massive, multi-year upgrade project. Last month, OPG and GE teamed up to complete turbine centerline work including a generator stator rewind.

“Our project team is now well-positioned for success on the next segment of work for the Refurbishment project which is currently underway – Segment 2B. This segment will feature end-fitting removals, calandria tube insert release and removal, and pressure tube and calandria tube removal,” OPG said in its release announcing completion of Segment 2A.

During the turbine overhaul ending in August, work crews took apart and reassembled the turbine generator, rewound the stator, and installed upgraded turbine control systems. Along with the refurbishment of Unit 3’s reactor, which is currently undergoing disassembly, this effort will provide 24/7, emission-free power for the next three decades.

“Compared to the same work that took place on Unit 2, this project wrapped up in much shorter time, demonstrating continuous improvement,” said Jessica Polak, Senior Director of Projects at OPG. “The lessons learned from Unit 3 are now being rolled into planning for the same work on Unit 1, which is the next unit to undergo refurbishment.”

Last year, OPG returned its CANDU Unit 2 reactor back into service after completing the first phase of a decade-long refurbishment project at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station along Lake Ontario.

The first part of the nearly $13 billion project was led by SNC Lavalin and competed by more than 2,300 people working over eight million hours. In the three years working on Unit 2, they replaced 480 fuel channels, installed more than 27 kilometers of pipe, made nearly 4,000 radiographic welds and 300,000 fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws and washers added.

Overall, Darlington Nuclear Power Station has four CANDU reactors originally commissioned from 1990 to 1993. The power plant is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Ontario Power Generation hopes to complete Unit 3 in 2023, Unit 1 in 2024 and Unit 4 in 2026.

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