Dormant Gregory gas-fired cogeneration plant may return to action in June

NRG Energy reported that it plans to revive a Texas natural gas-fired plant dormant since 2016.

The 385-MW Gregory plant in Corpus Christi has been inactive since late 2016. It shut down when cogeneration partner Sherwin Alumina filed for bankruptcy and discontinued operations.

Following resolution of certain issues resulting from the Sherwin Alumina bankruptcy, NRG said, the Gregory plant is expected to return to service as a combined cycle facility in early June.

“I am pleased to announce the return to service of this highly efficient natural gas plant,” said Mauricio Gutierrez, president and CEO of NRG. “The Public Utility Commission of Texas’ recent actions to further strengthen the ERCOT market reinforced our decision to return Gregory to service ahead of summer, providing additional reliability to our customers and Texas’ growing economy.”

At full power, the Gregory plant can meet the needs of approximately 77,000 homes on the hottest days of the year.

NRG acquired the Gregory cogeneration facility for about $244 million in 2013. It produced electricity, steam and processed water to the Sherwin Alumina plant.


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