Sensing the light: Monday webcast puts focus on the grid disrupted

By Rod Walton, Power Engineering content director

The power grid lately has been called a 20th century infrastructure trying to meet 21st century objectives.

A grid which used to simply be a one-way highway bringing electricity from the power plant to the people now has elevated, bi-directional challenges to incorporate wind farms, rooftop solar PV, battery storage and the growing electrification of the transportation sector.

On Monday, Power Engineering and POWERGRID International will host a webcast on “A Grid Disrupted: How Optical Sensing Manages the Chaos with More Accurate, Digital Measurements.”

The one-hour event, sponsored by Micatu, will begin 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, Feb. 22. The panel discussion will feature Kristen Barbato, CEO of energy strategy firm Build Edison, and Micatu President and CEO Michael Oshetski. Amanda Freick, a career engineer and vice president of North American sales for Micatu, will moderate the discussion.

Micatu’s motto is “Measuring the Future.” Beyond its own offerings, the company’s leaders envision a grid future which cries out for eyes on the ground, eyes in the sky, eyes all along the line.

“Building a smarter, safer, more resilient grid that is ready for renewables starts and ends with real-time data, from more places on the distribution system,” reads the primer on the “Grid Disrupted” webcast. “Enter non-conductive, highly accurate optical grid sensors — a new game changing technology that meets these new safety and data standards without introducing fire hazards.”

The webcast is free and will be available both live 11 a.m. Monday and on demand for one year afterward. Click here to find out more and register.

Barbato is a 25-year veteran of the industry, having worked for ConEdison and New York Power Authority. She founded Build Edison as a vehicle to help clean tech companies develop strategies for growth.

Micatu, meanwhile, has worked with major utilities in New York and beyond to assist them in better controlling operations and incorporate distributed energy more efficiently. Oshetski founded the company to develop its optical sensing technology.

 Earlier this month, Micatu announced a $10 million investment led by private equity company WAVE Equity Partners. The financing will support global expansion and ongoing deployment of Micatu’s optical sensing platform for industrial and utility grid measurement solutions.

“Our nation’s electric grid is being disrupted daily by the increasing use of renewables, and optical sensing is the best solution for averting a crisis,” said Oshetski. “WAVE’s investment allows us to build out Micatu’s manufacturing scale to satisfy the growing global demand of a broad range of utility customers, who need our safe, reliable, precise grid data sensors.”

Monday’s webcast, on “A Grid Disrupted: How Optical Sensing Manages the Chaos with More Accurate, Digital Measurements,” is presented and hosted by Power Engineering and POWERGRID International, both part of Clarion Events. Click here for free registration.

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