Westinghouse welcomes DOE decision on cost-sharing for nuclear COL

5 November 2004 – Westinghouse Electric Company has given a warm welcome to the US Department of Energy’s announcement that it is awarding a cooperative agreement to NuStart Energy for federal cost sharing under terms of the Nuclear Power 2010 Programme.

In a statement it said, “The Department of Energy’s forward-looking action will further insure that new, highly safe, and efficient nuclear power technology is readily available to support the increasing demand for safe, clean and economical energy in the United States.”

“Westinghouse is excited about the prospect of working with NuStart and DOE on this important endeavour,” said Steve Tritch, President and CEO, Westinghouse Electric Company

“Demonstration of the combined construction and operating license (COL)will substantially reduce the time period between ordering a new nuclear plant
and bringing it online, while preserving the opportunity for a high level of public participation that will occur early enough in the licensing process to prevent unnecessary construction delays that could offset the inherent competitiveness of nuclear power,” said Jack Allen, Sr. Vice President, Nuclear Power Plants.

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