Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Utility & Grid Workforce Management and Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Field service management is a crucial issue in today’s power and utility landscapes, as companies are measured on their customer engagement, communication and, most of all, duration of outages both planned and unplanned. When an electric utility’s scheduling and engagement is not efficient it can impact the bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Implementing sophisticated software solutions can help address these challenges. Join our webinar to learn more.

A Grid Disrupted: How Optical Sensing Manages the Chaos with More Accurate, Digital Measurements

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The grid is chaos. Building a more resilient, smarter, and safer grid starts and ends with better data. Optical sensing is a game changing technology, up to the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid, more accurately and safely than legacy technologies.

Short of legislative lifeline, Exelon’s Dresden, Byron nuclear stations shutting down in fall

Exelon will shut down its Byron and Dresden nuclear power plants in Illinois within weeks. The utility filed its post-shutdown decommissioning plan with the U.S....
Sizewell B nuclear station

EDF Energy decommissioning 7 UK advanced gas-cooled reactors by 2030

French-based global power developer EDF Energy vowed to put all seven of its advanced gas-cooled reactor nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom into...

Technical risks lead EDF to suddenly defuel Dungeness B nuclear power station in UK

EDF has decided to move one of United Kingdom nuclear stations into the first phase of decommissioning immediately after discovering several risks to parts...

End of an Era: Entergy shuts down final nuclear reactor at Indian Point

Control room operators at Entergy Corp’s sole nuclear power plant in New York flipped the switch to cease operations on 60 years of carbon-free...

Just the Stats: Volume of U.S. spent nuclear totals 85K metric tons since 1968

U.S. Department of Energy data indicates that the spent nuclear fuel discharged and stored by the electric power industry totals close to 85,000 metric...

Ten years after: Japan seeks water release from Fukishima nuclear site

TOKYO (AP) – Japan on Tuesday asked the International Atomic Energy Agency for support carrying out the future release of massive amounts of treated...

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