Vermont Yankee leak

Entergy Corp. said its Vermont Yankee nuclear plant shut down November 7 because of another leak.

Plant officials said an access plug that had been welded over on a pipe in the feedwater system started leaking radioactive water into a floor drain. There is no threat to the public, officials said.

Workers had to wait 13 hours for the plant to cool before they could get into the area where the leak was spotted during routine surveillance. The repairs are expected to take 24 hours and then the plant will be restarted.

Two tritium leaks were found in June and three other leaks were found at the plant in March. Because of those leaks, Vermont regulators denied the plant’s request for a license extension, effectively shutting it down in March 2012.

Entergy announced November 4 that it was looking into selling the Vermont Yankee plant.

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