Russian ship-borne nuclear power plant towed to Arctic port

Russia plans floating nuclear power plant by 2016

The first-ever floating nuclear power plant, built by Russia, has arrived at its Arctic port in the nation’s far east.

The Rosatom nuclear agency reported that the Akademik Lomonosov ship-borne reactor plant is at the Pevek port and nearly ready for commercial operation.

Power Engineering reported in April that the Lomonsov passed a series of tests on its twin KLT-40 reactor system. The Russian utility Rosenergoatom announced that reactors No. 1 and 2 were brought up to 100 percent capacity in testing late March.

The onshore and hydraulic structures for the floating nuclear power plant are set to be completed soon. The Lomonosov is expected to deliver power into the Russian electric grid by December.

It will replace the outgoing Bilibino and Chaunskaya power plants.

Construction began on the floating nuclear plant in 2009.

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