Russia to build new power units for nuclear plants

9 July 2007 – In a news conference held in St Petersburg late last week, Igor Konyshev, adviser to the head of Russia’s atomic energy agency, said that a fast neutron BN-800 reactor will be built for the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant by 2012.

The project is part of the federal programme for the development of the nuclear energy industry. Konyshev said that BN-800 reactor “is one of the most efficient and safe innovative projects”. He did not give the cost of the project, but according to ITAR-TASS, Russia’s official news agency, experts estimate it at about $2bn

Konyshev also said that a 1200 MW capacity VVER (light water pressurized reactor) power unit will be built in 2012 to replace the Leningrad nuclear power plant’s 1000 MW capacity RBMK (high power channel reactor) power unit, which has come to the end of its lifetime. The cost of the upgrade will once agin be in the region of $2bn.

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