Protecting Hinkley Point C: UK’s first new nuclear in a generation

Security obviously would be paramount at any major construction site, but particularly so at one with massive energy, power grid and historic implications.

Such is the case at Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power station being built in the UK for a generation. Some 2,500 to 5,600 workers–depending on the day and the project–are laboring to complete the $25 billion, 3,200-MW power plant over the next decade.

Protecting against potential dangers such as terrorism and theft is one thing. And yet, with so many workers and so many potential dangers in any work site, health is also of the utmost focus.

This story details security firm G4S and its response to one worker’s heart attack, as well as myriad other challenges. G4S maintains a crew of close to 200 overseeing most security aspects at Hinkley Point C.

Numerous countries are working on aspects for the nuclear power construction site, which is owned by EDF Energy. Those include Wood, Areva, GE and many more.

Click here to read about the G4S security overview at Hinkley Point C.

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