Nuclear power research programs awarded $39 million

The Department of Energy (DOE) said that it has awarded up to $39 million in research grants aimed at developing nuclear energy technologies and training and educating the next generation of leaders in the U.S. nuclear industry. The grants will support up to 51 projects at 31 colleges and universities around the country. Other universities, industry leaders, and national laboratories will serve as collaborators and research partners.

The projects selected for negotiation of award cover four nuclear energy research fields including Fuel Cycle Research and Development; Reactor Concepts Research, Development and Demonstration; Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation; and Transformative Research.

Fuel Cycle Research and Development – $12.4 million
Under this program researchers will develop and demonstrate methods to recycle used fuel to enable the safe, secure and sustainable expansion of nuclear energy, while minimizing proliferation and terrorism risks. Research conducted through this program is focused on developing options that use resources efficiently, reduce waste generation and enable effective waste management.

Reactor Concepts Research, Development and Demonstration – $11.9 million
This program aims to develop new and advanced reactor designs and technologies that broaden the applicability of nuclear reactors while addressing the technical, cost, safety and security issues associated with different reactor concepts.

Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation – $4.9 million
Under this program researchers aim to develop cross-cutting tools used to design and engineer next generation nuclear energy technologies. Advanced modeling and simulation tools help improve the safety and efficiency of reactor operations while reducing the costs associated with building prototypes and running large-scale experiments.

Transformative Research – $9.8 million
This research focuses on innovative nuclear science and engineering projects that encourage the development of game-changing nuclear energy technologies, including advanced reactor and fuel cycle concepts.

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