NRC approves Pilgrim nuclear license transfer from Entergy to Holtec

Federal regulators have approved Entergy Corp.’s application to transfer the licenses of the closed Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to a decommissioning specialist firm.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the Pilgrim transfer from Entergy to a subsidiary of Holtec International. This will pave the way for completing the plant sale to Holtec.

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, which began generating power 47 years earlier and was Massachusetts’ only remaining nuclear plant in operation, was shut down several months ago. The shutdown was the first step in a years-long process of decommissioning the plant.

“The sale of Pilgrim is another important milestone in Entergy’s exit from merchant power markets, with previously announced signed agreements for the sale of Indian Point and Palisades following shutdowns in 2021 and 2022, respectively,” said Entergy’s Chairman and CEO Leo Denault, in a statement. “We thank all of our employees at Pilgrim for their dedication and service over many decades, and we wish the best to all of those who are transitioning to work on decommissioning the Pilgrim nuclear facility.

Holtec International is a large player in the nuclear decommissioning and cleanup sector. Earlier this year, Entergy also decided on Holtec as the buyer for its Indian Point nuclear facility in New York, planned for closure by 2021.

Pilgrim still employs close to 230 people after permanent shutdown on May 31. Entergy acquired the plant from Boston Edison 20 years ago.

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