Exelon nuclear decommissioning

1 September 2010– The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized the transfer of the possession license for the Zion Nuclear Power Station in Illinois from Exelon Generating Co. LLC to ZionSolutions LLC effective Sept. 1.

As part of the license transfer, Exelon will retain ownership of the land and spent nuclear fuel. ZionSolutions, a unit of EnergySolutions LLC, will build a dry cask storage facility and transfer the spent fuel to the storage as part of the decommissioning, which is scheduled to last 10 years. Once decommissioning is complete, the license for the spent fuel will be transferred back to Exelon.

The Zion plant has been shut down since 1998. The NRC modified the original operating and possessing of radioactive materials license to a possession-only license for the purposes of storage and decommissioning activities. In May 2009, NRC staff issued an order approving the transfer of the possession license, management authorities and decommissioning trust fund to ZionSolution.

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