Eurotech’s radiation-resistant sealer successful in macro-encapsulating demonstration for West Jefferson facility

FAIRFAX, Va., Oct. 11, 2001 — EUROTECH, Ltd. announced today that it completed a successful paid demonstration of its EKOR Sealer product for Battelle Memorial Institute at Battelle’s West Jefferson Facility in Ohio.

In this application, EKOR coated concrete shield blocks and demonstrated EKOR Sealer to be superior to conventional materials as a macro-encapsulant of hot cell walls and other radioactive contaminated components in West Jefferson’s decommissioning program.

Battelle will decommission five hot cells at the West Jefferson Facility and one hot cell at West Valley, New York. EKOR Sealer was tested for coating of the inner hot cell walls, shield doors and various other structures and equipment prior to diamond wire cutting them into manageable sizes for disposal.

Hot cells were used for over thirty years of testing and evaluation of intact nuclear fuel elements from nuclear power plants. These structures have become highly contaminated and still contain an estimated 6,000 curies of activity in the form of metallurgical samples, contaminated equipment, sediment and fuel pieces, and distributed contamination on interior cell walls.

The cells at West Jefferson contain about 13,000 cubic feet of transuranic material and a greater volume of low-level wastes. EKOR Sealer has demonstrated that the loose contamination in the hot cells can be fixed in place and safely contained while the cells are diamond cut for volume reduction and disposal.

EKOR’s strong adhesion and resistance to chemical and radioactive corrosion, make EKOR Sealer ideal for the hot cell projects.

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