Company wants to buy & restart Kewaunee nuclear power plant

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A Chicago-area company said it wants to purchase and restart the shuttered Kewaunee nuclear power plant in Wisconsin.

RGA Labs Inc. told that it would pay tens of millions of dollars for the plant and put 600 people back to work, saying the plant was “profitable.”

Plant owner Dominion (NYSE: D) has said selling the plant is not an option and that the utility is focused on unloading spent nuclear fuel and decommissioning, which is expected to take up to 60 years.  Kewaunee shut down in May 2013 after 39 years of operation due to market conditions.

Dominion also said in a recent article printed in Nuclear Power International magazine that since Dominion has already certified to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that Kewaunee would not reopen as a nuclear plant, it would be difficult and expensive for anyone to do so.

“Anybody who comes in here to operate another power plant on the site would be starting from scratch, and that would be difficult to do with a 40-year-old facility. It has to be brought up to meet today’s standards,” said Kewaunee Local Affairs Manager for Dominion Mark Kanz.

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