Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Utility & Grid Workforce Management and Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Field service management is a crucial issue in today’s power and utility landscapes, as companies are measured on their customer engagement, communication and, most of all, duration of outages both planned and unplanned. When an electric utility’s scheduling and engagement is not efficient it can impact the bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Implementing sophisticated software solutions can help address these challenges. Join our webinar to learn more.

A Grid Disrupted: How Optical Sensing Manages the Chaos with More Accurate, Digital Measurements

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The grid is chaos. Building a more resilient, smarter, and safer grid starts and ends with better data. Optical sensing is a game changing technology, up to the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid, more accurately and safely than legacy technologies.

The Future of Pumped Storage, the Ultimate Integrator

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Pumped storage hydropower makes up the vast majority of all installed grid-scale energy storage capacity worldwide. Join us for this webcast where representatives of companies that own, support or are developing pumped storage plants globally will provide their perspectives on this important topic – and its future.

TerraPower reactor technology

Bill Gates’ TerraPower chooses Wyoming to build next-gen nuclear reactor

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A next-generation, small nuclear plant will be built at a soon-to-be retired coal-fired power plant in Wyoming in the next...

Work on Hinkley Point C nuclear build is boosting UK economy, EDF says

The Hinkley Point C nuclear plant construction project in the United Kingdom apparently is helping lift the local economy out of the COVID-19 shutdown...

Japanese manufacturer commits $20M to NuScale small nuclear reactor plan

Small modular reactor (SMR) designer NuScale Power is receiving investment support from a second Japanese firm in the past two months. Engineering and construction firm...

Womack taking CEO reins at Georgia Power Tuesday

The utility which is leading construction of the first new nuclear reactor units in years has named its new CEO effective next week. Chris Womack...
Vogtle unit 4 water storage

AP: Georgia Power says Vogtle Unit 3 start likely delayed to 2022

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Power Co. said Tuesday that delays in completing testing means the first new unit at its Vogtle plant is now...

Three ways facilitative leadership guides nuclear in the competitive energy future

By Edward Halpin and Michael J. Reidy More than four decades ago, nuclear energy was a burgeoning energy source with seemingly unlimited potential. As those...

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