Summerize Pump to Prevent Failures Before They Happen

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Summer Heat and Bearing Temperatures: Preventing Pump Failures Before They Happen

Summer is quickly upon us!

Along with the beautiful sunshine, summer also brings heat and humidity, which play an important role in the life of your pumps. They break down lubrication and cause bearings to run hotter which, in turn, shortens pump life. As temperatures begin to rise, let’s prepare by checking for proper bearing temperature and lubrication levels and also, reduce some of the main causes of pump failures – overheating and lack of lubrication of bearings.

Correct oil level is maintained by setting the upper cross arm of the oiler at the correct distance below shaft centerline. Newer style bearing housings also have a sight glass level indicator where the proper oil level range is indicated by a level between the top of the sight glass and its mid-point. It is absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the constant level oiler that the pipe nipple attaching it to the bearing housing is level. Should this nipple become bent, the oiler will not maintain the oil level.

It is also necessary to position the oiler correctly relative to the direction of shaft rotation. When shaft rotation is clockwise, the oiler must be positioned on the left side of the bearing housing. When shaft rotation is counter clockwise, place it on the right side of the housing. Directions are determined by facing the coupling end of the pump.


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