Study Aims to Identify Role of On-Site Power in Business Blackout Strategies

10 June 2004 – The total cost to the U.S. economy of last summer’s blackout in the Northeast has now been assessed at $6 billion. What are businesses that were impacted doing to be ready the next time?

New customer strategies to deal with the costs and risks of business discontinuity are now reshaping the market for a range of on-site power solutions. North Star Energy Group is launching a new multi-client study, “When the Lights Go Out: The Emerging Role of On-Site Power in Ensuring Business Continuity,” that will help energy service providers understand these new customer needs and how they translate into business opportunities.

New on-site power solutions must consider numerous elements assocaited with the rapidly changing market landscape:

– A redefinition of mission-critical power needs within business continuity plans and evolving liability risks
– Restructuring insurance company policy terms and rates
– Increasingly rigid environmental constraints
– The business opportunity for participation in demand response programs
– The dynamic capabilities of “smart” energy and web-based integration systems
– The new cyber and physical security imperative

North Star Energy Group’s study will provide the fundamental market research to understand what at-risk businesses and their solution providers┬┐insurance companies, disaster recovery services, power reliability service providers, and others – are doing. The study will characterize how customers are changing their priorities and what solutions stand to move ahead. Where the new market is headed will be illustrated through descriptions of bellwether projects and best practices. The study will characterize current market trends and project the market forward; describe the next generation of investments all along the value chain, and determine what new products and customer strategies will be successful.

North Star Energy Group has assembled an experienced project team to provide expert insights on all aspects of this important new market move, including:

North Star Energy Group. North Star Energy Group delivers critical insights and analyses to energy utilities and related companies through information products and consulting services. The project leaders, Jim Fay and Ritchie Priddy, have been on the leading edge of research on developments in distributed generation markets for the past two decades.

Beacon Integrated Solutions. The Beacon team has combined infrastructure services experience in excess of 60 years, including all phases of energy project development, financing, financing structuring and implementation, construction management, operations and asset management and optimization. The Beacon team’s deep and broad-based experience will add a practical perspective to the market research.

Roger Feldman, Bingham-McCutchen, LLP. Roger’s 30-year career providing legal counsel on a wide range of energy and environmental issues will add unique insights on how legal issues impact changing power needs for ensuring business continuity.

Power Engineering Magazine. Power Engineering Magazine, one of the leading technical publications in the power industry, is the publishing sponsor of the study.

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