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Paralleling switchgear and automatic-transfer switches are a proven design, custom-built to fulfill customer needs in a wide variety of applications. Emphasis on research and development, design improvements, materials, manufacturing methods, quality assurance and service yields products that have been proven in numerous systems. All products meet or exceed UL-1008, as well as applicable codes and standards of NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NEMA and ANSI. Products are superior in design and operational reliab

Power Engineering magazine thanks PsychRometric Systems Inc. for being the Gold Sponsor of

Power Engineering magazine thanks PsychRometric Systems Inc. for being the Gold Sponsor of POWER-GEN Americas `95. Please visit PsychRometric Systems at POWER-GEN Americas `95 booth #3045.

Outage prevention

Company offers a turnkey outage approach which is designed to eliminate the maintenance manager`s frustrations associated with steam- and gas-turbine/generator outages. Company provides the following requirements for a successful outage: planning, technical direction, certified turbine mechanics, tool trailers specially designed for turbine work and access to emergency spare parts. Also, the company can retrofit your turbine/generator with a state-of-the-art governor control system tailored to y

Scaffold systems

Company is one of North America`s leading scaffold suppliers and contractors for the power gen industry and features its proprietary QES-Quick Erect scaffolding, TubeLox tube and coupler scaffolding, and PRO 1000 motorized swinging scaffold.

Particle counter

The PLC-2000 is a sampler (both on-line and bootle), sensor and counter, packaged together to form an advanced field portable instrument using laboratory technology. Unit is a fully solid state device that uses the best of the hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and laser industries. PLC-2000 will output results for both ISO and NAS standards in less than two minutes. This on-site analysis allows the user to identify and evaluate potential problems and take preventive actions.

Waste-water systems

The company is a zero waste-water discharge system designer and the owner of the Staged cooling patent, which is a cooling processes used in 10 zero waste-water power plants since 1986. The field-proven Staged cooling process can be installed for approximately half the cost of other reliable zero discharge systems and also has lower operating costs.

Fog system

A breakthrough using fog evaporative cooling has been announced. The fog system makes it possible to cool gas-turbine inlet air within a few degrees of ambient wet bulb temperature and to accomplish this with very little pressure drop. The fog system increases mass flow through the engine and also removes small dust particles from the inlet air. The encapsulated dust particles are removed from the air stream at the mist-eliminator stage.

In-situ analyzer

The Procal 200LR In-Situ IR analyzer measures up to six gases simultaneously, including CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, H2O and NH3, using the Procals gas filter correlation technique. This, combined with powerful correlation capabilities, eliminates cross-sensitivity problems. In-situ installation provides a high-speed response for low-NOx burner controls. Probes can be installed into the ducts from each boiler. Added benefits include low-cost installation and maintenance compared to extractive systems. Rep

Rapid mix burner

For less than 10 ppm NOx on gas firing, with near-zero CO and VOC emissions, the rapid mix burner (RMB) is for gas-/oil-fired utility and industrial boilers. This NOx level was previously achievable only with selective catalytic reduction. The low-NOx Dynaswirl-LN burner used for Orimulsion and gas-oil-firing, in 6,000 MW of utility boiler retrofits, and ignition equipment for gas-/oil- and pulverized-coal boilers will be featured.


Company`s flowmeters use a patented positive displacement design that combines simplicity with high accuracy. Units accommodate either standard or custom power applications. FuelCom is the net fuel measurement solution for diesel-powered operations. Fuel measurement system has been field-tested and proven to be accurate and reliable. The system combines a proven, rugged flowmeter with fully temperature-compensated flow transmitters, display and interface options. Typical accuracy of the system o


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