MAN acquires 99% stake in hydrogen electroyzer firm H-TEC

German-based engine maker MAN Energy Solutions is stepping up its investment in future hydrogen production technology.

The company is taking full control of electrolyzer manufacturer H-TEC Systems. MAN, which already held 40 percent of H-TECH from a 2019 deal, is acquiring the controlling stake from majority owner GP Joule. MAN will now own 99 percent of the Augsburg-based electrolyzer firm.

Electrolyzers split water into its hydrogen and oxygen parts, creating H2 for possible future use in the power generation sector. Hydrogen does not contain carbon within its composition.

“GP Joule recognized the potential of H-TEC SYSTEMS at an early stage, and placed their trust in green hydrogen for a future with renewable energies. This leading edge can be seen in our leading electrolyzers,” Frank Zimmerman, H-TEC’s management board spokesman, said in a statement.

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H2 is key part of online POWERGEN+ next week. Registration is free.

Many traditional players in the fossil-fired generation equipment industry are investing big in research and development of potential hydrogen or gas-H2 mixes in the turbine and engine technologies. Those includes Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi Power, Cummins, Ansaldo and MAN Energy Solutions.

“Today, H-TEC SYSTEMS offers electrolyzers in the megawatt range,” MAN CEO Uwe Lauber said. “The objective now is to prepare the company for serial production because green hydrogen is going to become a mass market.”

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