Improved Cost Efficiency with Engineered Solutions for Pumps

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Retrofit services for improved efficiency of pump drives

Improved cost efficiency with engineered solutions.

Changes in duty cycle or application often require the introduction of speed control devices for large pumps that previously had no need for them. Switching from a fixed output to a variable output presents a considerable challenge if the equipment is to also operate efficiently.

Applying retrofit expertise ensures:

  • New operating parameters are benchmarked
  • Alternative solutions are properly considered
  • Recommendations are fully costed
  • Optimum efficiency is achieved
  • Final solution is fully engineered

Re-tasking of equipment should always be handled by engineering experts that have the capability to assess the new application and determine the ability of the existing design to meet the new demands. In order to achieve high efficiency and long term reliability, it is essential to implement a properly engineered solution.

As one of the largest pump manufacturers and providers of global repair and maintenance services, Sulzer has developed considerable expertise in retrofit procedures that can be used to improve the performance and reliability of existing pump assets.

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