GE Power Systems acquires MK Engineering

ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 22, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)– GE Power Systems announced today the acquisition of MK Engineering, a pioneering business that offers advanced combustion optimization solutions for fossil generation.

With this acquisition, GE Power Systems continues its investment in enabling technology to meet the growing needs of its power generation customers.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

MK Engineering provides an innovative sensor and software system which permits real-time evaluation, control, and tuning of fossil combustion dynamics. Optical and contact sensors in the burner, post-combustion, and flue-gas zones of boilers provide continuous data to advanced diagnostic software that monitors combustion dynamics in real-time.

This system enables customers to improve heat cycle efficiency through reductions in unburned fuel (LOI); diagnose and address combustion problems on-line; and reduce emissions without resorting to post-combustion removal systems. The system is designed for retrofit applications as well as for use on new generation.

“The acquisition of MK Engineering further strengthens our portfolio of leading-edge combustion sensor and software solutions for the energy industry,” said Ricardo Artigas, President and CEO of GE Power System’s Energy Services unit. “This technology will enable our customers to meet increasingly stringent fossil generation emissions regulations and to improve and tune operating conditions on-line.”

Mark Keshin, President and founder of MK Engineering, commented, “We look forward to being a part of GE and to continue enhancing our offering to power generation customers. GE Power Systems’ expertise in the areas of remote monitoring and diagnostics as well as other recently acquired technologies provide a solid foundation for developing a comprehensive combustion optimization solution for our customers,” Mark Keshin and other key employees from MK Engineering will become part of the GE Power Systems Reuter-Stokes operations, in Twinsburg, Ohio.

About GE Power Systems

GE Power Systems ( is one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generation technology, energy services and management systems with 2000 revenue estimated at $15 billion. The business has the largest installed base of power generation equipment in the global energy industry. Through a series of acquisitions and alliances, GE Power Systems has expanded its portfolio of products, services, and software solutions to serve global customers. Recent acquisitions of rental equipment and industrial water treatment businesses demonstrate this commitment to serve the energy industry as well as a broader range of industries including telecommunications, entertainment, and high-tech manufacturing.

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