EPRI and NERC join forces to help shore up grid reliability

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) announced a new agreement to collaboratively enable improved resilience and reliability of the electric grid. As the U.S. takes critical steps to reduce carbon emissions across the economy, the two organizations will leverage their collective knowledge to more efficiently and effectively respond to power sector challenges.

The agreement calls for the two organizations to meet regularly and coordinate on several fronts, including supporting effective deployment of industry resources to address emerging issues, jointly sponsoring workshops or meetings, and identifying and collaborating on key projects and activities.

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“EPRI’s and NERC’s respective experts are at the forefront of  R&D to enhance electric grid resilience.” said Rob Chapman, EPRI’s senior vice president of energy delivery and customer solutions. “By strengthening collaboration, we can better accelerate energy system innovation and solve reliability challenges before they happen.”

“We are pleased to refresh our memorandum of understanding to continue our successful collaborations with EPRI,” said Mark Lauby, NERC’s senior vice president and chief engineer. “The transformation of the grid presents a number of challenges today and into the future. The results of our joint planning and subsequent research projects provide the science, tools, and processes needed to effectively mitigate existing and emerging risks to the reliable operation of the North American bulk power system.” 

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