Emmert and Fagioli form a new company within the U.S.

Dec. 9, 2003 — Emmert International and Fagioli PSC USA Inc., have formed a joint-venture company, Emmert PSC, to perform specialized heavy transportation and lifting in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Emmert, Established in the 1960’s, has received worldwide recognition for its engineered transportation and lifting capabilities for notable projects such as relocating Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose Airplane, NASA’s Hubbell Telescope, and the 3.2 million pound (1450 metric tons) brick Fairmont Hotel.

Based in Clackamas, Oregon, with multiple branches throughout Texas, Emmert International manufactures transportation and jacking systems which has enabled them to continue setting records associated with engineered lifting and relocation projects. Fagioli, an Italian based group, established in the 1950’s, is an internationally recognized organization with significant resources and expertise in shipping, barging, freight forwarding and heavy haul, able to offer a global factory to foundation project service.

Fagioli PSC Ltd, the UK fellow subsidiary company, is internationally renowned for its strand-jack and tower systems capable of lifting and lowering record-breaking loads. Fagioli PSC USA will represent the broader interests of the Fagioli group on international projects that will be executed within the Western hemisphere by Emmert PSC.

Emmert International will continue to offer and execute its specialized transportation and rigging services on a worldwide basis. Emmert PSC, based in Danbury, Texas, will be responsible for projects involving movement of components that require Self-propelled platform trailers, utilization of strand jacks, and large component tower lifts.

The core business will be generated through work at refineries, power plants, civil engineering and offshore fabrication projects. Emmert International and Emmert PSC will be under the management of Terry Michael Emmert who will ensure that the combined resources of both the Emmert and Fagioli groups are utilized effectively in order to offer unparalleled service in platform trailer and heavy lift projects.

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