Emerson to Highlight Strengthened Portfolio for End-to-End Final Control Power Solutions at Power-Gen 2017

Emerson’s recent acquisition of valve and actuation solutions and technology expertise helps end users address plant reliability in dynamic power operations

ST. LOUIS (Nov. 27, 2017) – Emerson Automation Solutions is helping customers face the challenges of an evolving power industry head on with its recently expanded end-to-end final control solutions. Adding to an already powerful portfolio, its recent acquisition of the valves and controls business from Pentair gives end users a stronger partner to which they can turn from product selection to life cycle services to drive operational certainty.

“Demand on power operations is causing plants to cycle more, creating more thermal and mechanical stresses on equipment and increasing their risk for failure,” said John Wilson, Emerson’s vice president – North America sales. “All the while, operators are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory compliance while staying within operating budgets. It’s a high-stakes environment and Emerson’s expanded portfolio and expertise can help power operators navigate these challenges.”

Legacy product brands such as Fisher and Bettis, have established Emerson as a leading solutions provider by keeping process control safe, efficient and intuitive. A large global installed base of Fisher Z500 severe service ball valves, for example, are minimizing internal leakage and instilling confidence in the reliability and performance of operators’ assets. As of April 2017, these well-established product brands were reinforced with a newly acquired valve and actuation portfolio, creating an unmatched solutions offering.

Users can leverage Emerson’s extended portfolio to optimize plants for cycling operations, improve efficiency and meet international standards for fugitive emissions. Products such as Sempell turbine drain control valves, Anderson Greenwood pilot operated safety valves, Crosby pressure relief valves, Vanessa zero-leakage triple offset valves, Keystone actuators and Yarway liquid level gauges and attemperators are designed to handle more frequent and extreme temperature and pressure fluctuations, increase safety, perform reliably, and provide cost savings.

For example, Emerson’s Yarway Welbond® repairable high-pressure globe valve requires minimal maintenance with the fastest in-line repair (compared to competing products) and is highly durable with a one-piece forged body and solid Stellite® disc and seat ring that eliminates cracking. On its own, the Welbond can reduce maintenance and repair costs by 58 percent over three repair cycles.  However, users can also equip this performance valve with a Bettis actuator and digital intelligent controls for a complete smart final control package from a single original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

In addition to a wider range of products available to industry operators, Emerson supports customers from the planning stages with application analysis, product selection, and customized final control packages to meet specific application needs; to post installation with education and training to support a changing workforce and new technologies, maintenance by certified technicians to reduce risk and ensure consistent performance throughout the life of the plant.

“From beginning to end, Emerson is a trusted partner with the technologies and expertise to help users achieve operational certainty,” commented Wilson. “During a time of rapid transition in the power industry, having a single, reliable supplier by your side can make a significant difference in this evolving landscape.”

Emerson is showcasing its complete power solutions portfolio at Booth No. 5314 at Power-Gen International Dec. 5 through Dec. 7. Visitors will be able to match their applications challenges with potential Emerson solutions via an interactive digital display with the guidance of a final control expert.

For more information about Emerson’s newly expanded final control portfolio, visit www.emerson.com/finalcontrol. For more details about Emerson at Power-Gen International, visit www.emerson.com/pg17.

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