DISTRIBUTECH+ series focus on grid modernization and energy

As DER proliferate along the grid, utilities must modernize how they deliver electricity. Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Private LTE networks, Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Behind-the-meter and in-front-of-the-meter batteries, all of these in conjunction will lead us to a more stable, reliable, and greener grid. But getting there is not without challenges.

This week, our fifth DISTRIBUTECH+ series will take place and our focus this month is Grid Modernization and Energy Storage.

Our DISTRIBUTECH+ platform and all of our speakers are ready to go – now we just need you! Take a look at the descriptions of the sessions below and add those that sound interesting to you to your calendar. We look forward to seeing you online soon. Note, all times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

1/20/21 @ 10:30 Using Digital Transformation as a Platform for Grid Innovation

This session will break down the nebulous “digital transformation” and into practical ideas:

  • Discussing how technology infrastructure and software can be used as the basis for launching innovation and more disruptive business growth
  • Also touching on how creating a more sustainable/reliable tech foundation can lower the risk of more aggressive modernization efforts

1/20/21 @ 11:30 Collective Adoption of Private LTE Networks

The momentum for private LTE networks for utilities is growing. Those utilities that embrace this private broadband platform will enjoy a secure, digital and intelligent grid while realizing an ever-increasing range of benefits. Through the deployment of private LTE networks, utilities will reap the significant benefits provided through the convergence of a compatible communications platform and robust and future-proof networking technology.

Join Anterix and Guidehouse for a Q&A about how forward-thinking utilities that have invested in private LTE can create a Grid Communications Network Effect by working collectively. Utilities would multiply capabilities and maximize value through economies of scale and scope and enhance data analysis, cybersecurity monitoring, professional support and more while providing greater situational awareness across regions and even the nation.

1/20/21 @ 12:30 Strategies and Communication Systems for Grid-edge Modernization

Modernization at the edge of the distribution grid is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This session will cover why grid architecture is becoming an increasingly prominent consideration in grid modernization initiatives via a discussion of ComEd’s work with DOE on SIMPLE (Sensors with Intelligent Measurement Platform and Low-Cost Equipment), a platform to enable high-fidelity monitoring and distributed control of a distribution system.

1/20/21 @ 1:30 AMI with Wi-SUN: A Mexico Case Study

Mexico is modernizing its electricity utility infrastructure with a move to replace many of its 45M electricity meters with smart meters. One of the connectivity technologies that are being piloted in Mexico is certified Wi-SUN Sub GHz wireless. This presentation will describe the activity of global semiconductor solution provider Renesas Electronics and local partner SOFTEL, to develop a stable, robust, and secure AMI network in Mexico.

1/20/21 @ 2:30 SCE’s Grid Modernization Journey

GE Digital’s DER-Aware ADMS empowers electric utilities to accomplish the digital transformation of their business. Managing a constantly changing and dynamic electricity ecosystem is challenging, and as complexity increases, the transformation of data into actionable information enables electric utilities to make the right decisions for their consumers and their personnel. DER-awareness within the ADMS provides control room operators enhanced situational intelligence to recognize developing situations to act quickly and decisively, orchestrating both DER and the grid.

Utilities globally have seen significant return on investment from their ADMS deployments, including enhanced DER orchestration, grid reliability/resiliency and crew safety. This panel will introduce SCE, one of GE Digital’s forward-thinking utility customers that is partnering with GE, and walk through their strategy to accomplish DER orchestration across their grid for the benefit of their consumers and to meet regulatory objectives.

1/20/21 @ 3:30 Evaluation of ADMS Applications for Utilities Using NREL’s Testbed

This panel will discuss several utility use cases for advanced distribution management system (ADMS) applications using the ADMS test bed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The ADMS test bed was established to accelerate industry development and adoption of ADMS capabilities. The test bed enables utility partners, vendors, and researchers to evaluate existing and future ADMS use cases in a realistic laboratory environment that includes software simulation of distribution systems, field equipment integrated through hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) techniques, and commercial or pre-commercial utility management systems such as ADMS and distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS).

 1/21/21 @ 11:00 AM Keynote: Doing Innovation Right

We are all working through a period of dramatic change in the utility industry – but then again, the utility industry is certainly used to change. So what makes this decade feel different? Our definition of ‘innovation’ is shifting, and as everyone scrambles to find their footing in the future scape of the industry, we are learning just how far ahead we need to think to keep from falling behind.

1/21/21 @ 11:30 Solving Operational Technology (OT) System Integration Challenges

Every day, the number of devices and applications connecting to the grid grows exponentially. Each new class of devices and systems brings its own requirements further compounding the complexity and challenge of ensuring reliable and safe power. Advancements in technologies, trends in customer distributed energy resource (DER) adoption and expanding clean energy goals are prompting reevaluation of current distribution planning practices all point to an increasingly complex distribution grid, as well as bring electric and technical considerations to light when considering the traditional distribution grid’s capabilities and planning processes.

This panel will share grid operators’ real-world examples OT system integration approaches designed to meet these operational challenges while planning for the grid of tomorrow.

In this session you will learn about designing your OT architecture to:

  1. Simplify integration
  2. Futureproof your system
  3. Mix and match best-in-class applications

1/21/21 @ 12:30 Energy Storage Utility Case Studies

Energy Storage has become a necessary and integral part to the sustainability of the utility industry. Learn how utilities are using both behind the meter and grid- scale storage solutions to support the grid of tomorrow and secure the best path forward to an energy storage future.

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