Say hey, it’s Hydrogen Day!

Hydrogen. Credit: Pixabay

By Rod Walton, Power Engineering and POWERGEN content director

It’s World Hydrogen Day, highlighted by a host of events celebrating H2 and its now inescapable presence in the march to net-zero carbon by 2050.

On Friday and throughout this week numerous groups have held symposiums and celebrations related to the now and future impact of hydrogen in the power sector. World Hydrogen Day was the focus of talks by International Energy Agency Executive Director Faith Birol, European Commission Executive Director Frans Timmerman and other dignitaries.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory held an event earlier this week spotlight H2 and its carbon-free possibilities in transportation and power generation. The U.S. Senate, which rarely agrees on anything, formally passed a resolution on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory released a statement on its research into H2. The date October 8 is chosen to represent 1.008, the atomic weight of hydrogen.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced a $20 million award for a project to demonstrate hydrogen production from nuclear energy. The project is taking place in Arizona and is led by PNW Hydrogen Inc.

Just in the past two months, Power Engineering has run 14 stories on major hydrogen projects globally. Most recently, Nebraska municipal utility Omaha Public Power District hired Zachry Group to build two gas-fired peaker plants with turbines which will be adapted to burn H2 in their fuel mix.

Hydrogen has its detractors who say it’s not truly clean energy or that it’s hype. Those contentions are true in that H2 doesn’t happen naturally–it has to be produced, sometimes by steam reforming of methane–and that sometimes what sounds too good to be true might be. Time will tell on carbon reduction and feasibility.

For now, follow the money. The global hydrogen power generation market totaled about $145 billion last year, according to Fortune Business Insights. If H2 grows at an anticipated 5.6 percent annually, that market share could total $220 billion by 2028, the forecast shows.

So while Friday is World Hydrogen Day, isn’t every day lately?

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