PetroBras mothballing 120-MW gas-fired plant in Brazil

Brazilian energy firm PetroBras will close its natural gas-fired TermoCamacari power plant after negotiations on a lease fell through.

The company hoped to continue operating the TermoCamacari thermoelectric facility after completing lease negotiations with industrial firm Proquigel Química SA, which is part of chemical company Unigel. Those talks concluded without a deal, so PetroBras will starting the decommissioning process on the power plant located in the state of Bahia.

TermoCamacari generated about 120 MW at capacity. The plant operated on demand, based on decisions of Brazil’s National Electric System Operator (ONS).

An extreme drought in the nation has slowed down generation at the nation’s hydroelectric facilities, putting more demand pressure on thermal plants, according to reports. Hydro accounts for close to 70 percent of the Brazilian electricity resources mix, while natural gas supplies almost 10 percent of the power.

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