Panda Power’s Liberty Gas Plant Enters Production

By Editors of Power Engineering

Panda Power Funds and officials from across Pennsylvania marked the official commissioning of the Liberty gas-fired plant.

The plant is the first to take advantage of natural gas reserves discovered in the Marcellus Shale.

Liberty, a combined-cycle plant, has a total capacity of 829-MW.

Liberty was originally under development by Moxie Energy, though Panda Power acquired it in August 2013.

Siemens provided two wo SGT6-8000H gas turbines, two SST6-5000 steam turbines, two hydrogen-cooled SGen6-2000H generators, and two heat recovery steam generators for the facility, along with the complete electrical system and SPPA-T3000 instrumentation and control system.

Additionally, the plant will be cooled with air rather than water.

Panda Power Funds has also built a “sister” generating facility, the 829 MW Patriot combined-cycle power plant outside of Williamsport which entered commercial service approximately two months after the Liberty plant.

Additionally, Panda is developing the 1,124-MW gas-fired Hummel Station in Pennsylvania. That facility is expected to begin operations in 2018.

For a video tour of Panda Liberty, click here.

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